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Pyramids of Egypt

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Are you feeling trapped in home and routine? Want to go out for a stress free tour? The Pyramids of Egypt in Cairo are beckoning you with their scenic beauty. Hop in with ME-WONDERS to explore these beautiful wonders.

Some famous pyramids to visit in Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza

Good morning, one of the wonders of the world! The beauty of the Pyramids of Giza cannot be put into a combination of words or letters. And that is why, you need to visit the place in person to have a Wow experience. Apart from inhaling the beauty, you can click some stunning pictures with the massive stone structure in the background and flaunt them on social media platforms.

The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramids of Egypt are so called due to the colour of the constituent red limestones. It has a height of 104 meters and was perhaps the first successful free standing one at Cairo. The red hue of this stone structure make it worth a visit.

The Bent Pyramid

The Bent Pyramids are the baby hand trials of Egyptians to build smooth edged pyramids instead of older built step ones. It is believed that the edges are unevenly bent with unequal weight distribution due to unequal cut of the rocks. This was first of all smooth edged pyramids that you see in Egypt.

The Step Pyramid

Welcome to the oldest built pyramids in Egypt! This stone structure is the house of burial chambers of Pharaoh and his eleven daughters. The pyramid has six steps, and so is the name. The pyramid has tunnels, one within the other to prevent theft but this makes the Step Pyramids more vulnerable to collapse. Tourists are not allowed inside but you can enjoy the view from outside.

The Black Pyramid

The Black Pyramids is almost in its ruins and is certainly not a pleasant treat to your eyes. But wait, the black walls of these stone monument can recharge your soul like no other. This pyramid is unique from the others already described because it is made of mud brick instead of traditional stone.

Best time to visit the Pyramids of Egypt

Tourists keep pouring in to have a look at the pyramids almost throughout the year, but the best time to visit the area is between October and February, when the Egyptian weather remains comparatively pleasant. You will get to enjoy the most out of these wonders during this period.

How to reach the Pyramids of Egypt?

You need an Egyptian visa and a valid passport for visiting the Cairo. The nearest airport is Cairo International Airport and Giza is only a few ten kilometers from the airport. Schedule a cab beforehand to avoid long waiting hours in the airport lounge.

Tips for visiting the Pyramids of Egypt

Once you reach Cairo, you must have all eyes focused on visiting the pyramids. So, here we present some tips in a nutshell for you to engulf before you set out for your journey.

  1. Giza is almost an hour away from the Cairo International Airport. Travel from Cairo to Giza a day before, so that you do not waste a part of your day stuck in the middle of traffic.
  2. You can use Uber for intra-city travel. That is the best and the cheapest way to travel around in Cairo.
  3. Make sure you have Egyptian currency with you. There are many currency converting agencies that will help you with an efficient way to convert your money.
  4. We would recommend you to book a hotel somewhere near Giza for staying. That will save much of your time and also cut down the stress that you may face in the city.
  5. These wonders complex opens at 8:00 a.m. in the morning and the entry gates shut by 4:00 p.m. in the evening between the months of October to March. However, during the months of April to September, there is an extension of one hour on both sides.
  6. You have to pay a minimum price to gain entry to the Giza pyramids complex. And, the best part is, photography charges are included in this ticket price.

So, are the dates already in your mind? Contact us this second to get some exclusive discounts. ME-WONDERS is always happy to organize tours focused on pyramids for you. We assure the best travel experience for you and your family at the most reasonable price. Happy travelling!!