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Adventure filled activities in Jordan

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If you are an outdoor loving person, then Jordan has a piece of cake for every flavor for you. From up above in the blue skies to deep down the oceans, adventure will wrap you throughout your journey in Jordan. We know, it is really tough to control the excitement to know the ‘A grade’ adventurous activities that you can explore in this area. So, better to cut the introduction short and skip to the exciting part.

1 . Canyoning: Adventure under the sea

Does the name make your eyes wide with excitement? Congratulations, Jordan offers one of the best opportunities for canyoning at one of the lowest natural reserves of the world. You are officially allowed to do canyoning at Wadi Mujib, approximately 410 meters below the sea level! The natural reserve is enveloped with mountains on all sides, whose height is approximately 910 metres. This 1300 metres drop in elevation is best enjoyed when you are canyoning like a leader. Remember to wear sports shoes and other protective garments that you may need for safety or comfort purposes.

2. Camping under a starry night

Good evening, star addicted peeps! If you just experience an unseen pull towards the sparkling stars, then Jordan can be the best destination for your next vacation. The extensive sprawling deserts of Wadi Rum offer a canopy of stars at night. Although the desert is hot during the day, as the sun sleeps over the horizon, the weather becomes comfortable. The place is peaceful, and filled with a perfect blend of bliss and adventure. This plan can in no way leave you unexcited.

3. Rock Climbing: Adventure clinged to rocks

We heard it right! You have had fantasies about rock climbing activities since childhood! Head to Wadi Rum to get the opportunity for perfect rock climbing sites. There are a plethora of routes for rock climbing in Wadi Rum, and you can choose any one of them based on crowd and convenience. Even if you are a beginner or an amateur rock climber, Wadi Rum will not offend you. There are several small stone paths for short and easy rock climbing.

4. Snorkeling: Underwater adventure

Hold our hand and take a deep dive into the bottom of the sea! This is one of the most adventurous and heart pumping activities in Jordan. The Red Sea, flowing alongside the country, is a perfect site for snorkeling. You get to see one of the largest and beautiful corals under clear transparent water in this area. In addition to these eye soothing colourful corals, you will get to see tankers of sunken ships at the bottom of the sea. Explore this transparent water that is filled with vibrant colours of corals and tankers.

5. Scuba Diving

Hey, adventure seeking junkie! How can we skip scuba diving, the most famous adventurous activity among tourists? Head to Seven Sisters or Japanese Garden for a magnificent experience of scuba diving in Jordan. The coastal area is home to more than 450 coral creatures and a flock of marine animals. Engage in scuba diving to get once in life experience of the oceany world underneath.


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