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Egypt: Facts to know before you travel

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You must have heard from your colleagues that there are always a bunch of rules for enjoying a trip to Egypt. Calm down; there are no such rules but a few areas that you should keep in mind when you are going on tour with your friends and family. We have explained each of them with emphasis. Read till the last and then you can pack your bags with a tension free mind.

Being in line with the local culture of Egypt

To extract most from a place, you first have to be in line with the local culture. It is always preferable if you step down from your imbibed culture for a few days and accommodate with the local culture. That is the only tip for a perfect journey ahead.

Dresses to be preferred when you are in Egypt

Being a desert, Egypt is a place full of sand, dust and stones with extreme weather conditions. In the daytime you’ll feel the dusty hot wind burning your skin, whereas the ice cold breeze will give you a bite. So you need to carry both sets of clothes and wear them according to the time of the day. You need to wear something that is breathable and loose such that the dust particles and the temperature does not blow you up.

 Dress on the Conservative Side in Egypt

Hello beautiful people! This is not as bad as you are thinking. Egypt is a country with the majority of people hailing from Islamic background. Both men and women should dress appropriately covering their legs and shoulders. You can try to avoid dresses which exposes a major part of the body. Although in most of the major tourist attraction centres you will find people wearing short tops and tanks; but the local people justify that it is not appropriate to visit thousand years old pyramids in dresses which expose a greater area.

Say NO to tap water

This is the most important advice that your tour guide will irritate you with throughout the tenure of the trip. Tap water is not at all safe to drink. You are advised to use mineral water bottles for drinking,  brushing and washing your mouth. ME-WONDERS provide water bottles to every tourist to meet their basic daily needs. 

 Dive to the bottom of the beautiful history of Egyptian monuments

As you know, Egypt is a colourful bouquet with history engraved in each petal of each flower. You will find the entire tour interesting only if you dig deep inside each page of Egyptian history. Historical beauties are very interesting and we know the tourists will make complete use of it. So, jump in and dust off your history book for a quick recapitulation of Egyptian history before you actually set out for the tour.


High five with a reputed trip organising agency

Handshake is too outdated, it is time for high five with ME-WONDERS. We have been experts in organising trips to Egypt for almost a decade now. We know each and every dent of the road that may come along during the trip, and yes, we know how to guard you from such dents. People who have already travelled with us, are regularly  hunting the calendar to check the next dates of their vacation and book their slots with us. We organise trips to Egypt with a very limited number of tourists, so do not delay. Book your vacation with us at once and enjoy the flavours of Egypt.


Happy travelling beautiful people!!!