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Luxor: Five must visit palaces

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All ready to take a tour to the historical riches of Egypt? We present to you a guide of those palaces in Luxor in Egypt that are certain to hit across the boundary of your imagination of beauty. Seems interesting? Without wasting much of your patience, let us skip to the good part.


The five palaces in Luxor mentioned below are dating to the first pages of the history book. They stood still amidst ups and downs of rulers and civilization. Digging up their stories will certainly pull out more facts and who knows, at the end you may become an Egyptian encyclopaedia.

1. The incredible Colossi of Memnon

Most of the monuments are located on the west side of the river Luxor. Do you know why? The ancient Egyptians found similarity between the sun setting on the west horizon and people dying. They believed in the afterlife, so a strong thought prevailed that along with the sun rising from the east side, the dead would take new birth. The Colossi of Memnon on the west bank are a set of sitting statues who were levied upon the duty to guard the burial grounds of the ancient city of Thebes. These statues are made of sandstones and are approximately 23 metres tall. You do not have to pay anything extra for visiting the Colossi of Memnon.

Valley Of The Kings

2. Explore the beauty of Valley of Kings

Ranking just next to the pyramids of Cairo in terms of tourist attraction is the Valley of Kings. There are almost 24 royal tombs and 40 noble tombs that have been the center of attraction of tourists flying to Egypt. The zeal is not over yet! You get to see the tomb of the all time famous emperor, Tutankhamen in the Valley of Kings in Luxor. The ticket to the Valley of Kings allows you to have a sneak peek into three tombs, and if you pay something extra, you will be granted entry to the other tombs. You can do Photography and videography in the Valley of Kings only if you pay for the extra photography ticket. You need almost 3-4 hours for a complete satisfied tour to the Valley of Kings.

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

3. A short visit to the Temple of Hatshepsut

A less famous palace in Luxor, the Hatshepsut temple, was built in the memory of Queen Hatshepsut, the only female pharaoh in Egypt who was in power for more than two decades. The architecture of the Temple will certainly take your breath away. The incarnation on each pillar, the engravings on the wall are so perfect, that you cannot resist from saying a satisfied ‘Wow’. Entry to the temple costs 100 LE per person but make sure you visit each corner of the temple till you reach the uppermost terrace to have a peek inside the inner chapel.

Karnak Temple

4. Walk through the beautiful Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor

The Karnak Temple Complex is a beautifully designed locality that encompasses nearly 400,000 square meters area. It is one of the largest worship places in Luxor. Over the course of years, most of the colour of the sandstones has faded, but splashes of the original colours still remain on some parts of the pillar. The entire complex was dedicated to the family of Amun-ra and his family. You have to pay 150 LE to gain entry to the temple complex.

Luxor Temple

5. The all time famous Luxor Temple

Travel 3 kilometres from Karnak to the Luxor Temple to unveil the decorated walls and the rich architecture of the Luxor Temple. This temple underwent several episodes of restoration to bring up this beautiful tone of history alive. The walls and pillars are all inscribed with paintings and sculptures from ancient times. An experienced guide will help you through all these.

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