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Women: Is Jordan safe for you?

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Cheers to those women who are reading this blog today. You all are really brave and truly independent to think of a solo or group trip with fellow female mates. Someone may have pinned the question in your mind, whether a trip to Jordan is safe for women or not.

In the rest of the blog, we will tell you some quick sentences and then you will decide whether Jordan is safe for women or not. Without wasting much time, let us skip to the good part.


Statistics of population: Men vs Women

As per the latest available reports, in Jordan there are 102.56 men per 100 women in the constituency. A country that has seen a steep increase in the number of women in the last decade, must definitely know how to respect a woman. Be it tourists or natives, the local people are highly compassionate towards the ladies around them. We hope the blurry image of safety of women in Jordan is somewhat cleared.


For solo women travelers

Beautiful ladies, here comes a piece of good news wrapped in cream for you all. There are hundreds of solo female travelers in Jordan at any point of time. You just need to open your eyes wide and you will see ladies walking along the streets or visiting hookah bars all alone. These ladies hail from different parts of the world and you will certainly go good with them. And after a couple of days, you are not a solo woman traveler but a group of women in search of beauties in Jordan. 


Myths related to Women tourists in Jordan and the truths behind them

In this section, we will brief about those myths that has been circulated over the past years and are absolutely not true. Read on to know more!

1. Dressing style is very strict

Right now sitting in front of the computer screen will not instill complete confidence in you. From our experience of the last one decade, we can assure you that once you land in Jordan, you will be stunned to see the smart dressing style of native women. There is no need to wear burqa or hijab, at any point of your trip. We would just recommend you to dress modestly and abstain from wearing over exposed dresses. 


  1. You cannot enjoy yourself in bars and pubs

Ditch these myths now for a happy and soul free trip. There is nothing called male territory anywhere in Jordan and ladies, bars and pubs are open 24*7 for you all. Be it solo or group of women, just hop in to enjoy drinks and food at any time of the day.

3. You cannot smile or laugh in public

And do you trust that? Your snaps are certainly going to be blunt if you are not smiling at least, let alone be laughing. Women, Laugh, jump, play and do whatever you want. You are going to Jordan for a vacation and do remember to make complete use of it.


Ladies, got your answer now? Jordan is certainly safe for women travelers. Dump those age old myths and join our hands for a fearless and comfy trip to Jordan. We organize trips with a limited number of tourists, so we concentrate highly on each one’s safety. ME-WONDERS have also organized trips with solo female travelers and we can assure you the best travel experience in the market. Connect with us now to book your slots for a solo trip for the upcoming vacation!