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Wadi Al Mujib: All You Need To Know

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The stunning landscape of Jordan is blessed with magnificent mountains, gorgeous rivers, majestic architecture and more. To add an impressive dose of adventure paired with an unforgettable experience, you must include Wadi Al Mujib to your Jordan trip.

Please go through this post before kick-starting your journey to this marvellous river land.

1. You Should Know How to Swim

Wadi Al Mujib is a fascinating water canyon hike with plenty of additional things to try out on your way. This hiking is certainly not for the faint-hearted. You have to proceed for at least three hours through the river and waterfalls. So, swimming is not an option here but it’s mandatory. You may find some blogs telling you otherwise. This is because they might be considering only the safer side of the tour. Although you will be given a lifejacket, swimming can be proved really beneficial as rocks by the water of Wadi Al Mujib is slippery and can cause you to fall into the water any time during the trek. Therefore, without learning swimming, we would not encourage you to take part in this tour.


2. There are Total Three Types of Hikes in Wadi Al Mujib

The Wadi Al Mujib experience is not just one trek. In fact, there are three different hikes tailored to match different difficulty levels. By far, the Siq Trail is the most popular one for tourists because it is the shortest and easiest of all three trails.

The second most popular trail is the Canyon Trail that takes you through a series of hills. It goes opposite route of the Mujib River and ends at the top of a 20-meter high waterfall. Wildlife along the Canyon Trail is seriously breathtaking. This hike is of moderate difficulty level.

The last and the most difficult of the three is the Malawi Trail. It takes about 5-6 hours to complete the trek. It passes through white hills, reaches inside the canyon and then slopes down to a waterfall. It passes through the intersection of Mujib and Hidan Rivers.

Now, you need to decide which one you wish to go with once you are on Wadi Al Mujib adventure trip.


3. There’s an Age Limit for Wadi Al Mujib Adventure Trek

That might disappoint the young souls but there’s an age limit to enter the Wadi Al Mujib nature reserve. The minimum age for rightful entry is 18 and it is for good reason! As we already mentioned, the trails can be really tricky along the river and things do not at all look that good after a period of heavy rain. Water then becomes faster and deeper. So, it is not hard to guess that all the trails at Wadi Al Mujib grow more dangerous than usual. For a safe adventure trek, your mind and body must be well prepared and that’s why you need to be at least 18 to take this challenge.

4. There’s No Public Transportation to Wadi Al Mujib

There is no bus that takes you to Wadi Al Mujib. So, you are left with no choice but to rely on hiring a taxi which is again a costly affair. To reach this celebrated adventure spot in Jordan, it is best to choose a private car rental from any nearby city. You will surely love to drive across those beautiful landscapes on your way to Wadi Al Mujib. All you need is a valid driver’s licence from your country of origin.

If you are running on a tight budget, then you have got a better and less expensive means of travelling to Wadi Al Mujib is to book with travel agencies. You can design your own route depending on your requirement and affordability.


5. Bring the Right Kind of Clothing, Shoes and Waterproof Bags

The Wadi Al Mujib landscape is nothing like most of the hiking trails you will see around the world. The landscape here can be really tricky at times and falling into the water is a common thing. Therefore, it is important to bring appropriate clothing and waterproof bags to this adventure trek in Jordan. While the right kind of clothing will save your day, the waterproof bag will save your gadgets and valuables. It is a must to wear only a pair of comfortable shoes to climb those slippery slopes and walking through marshy lands.


6. Keep an Eye on the Weather

Wadi Al Mujib can be declared closed any time due to heavy rain on the day before. Even it is quite common to find this place shut down during winter months. This isn’t just for cold but also because of frequent heavy downpouring causing river current to be more turbulent. Summer months are comparatively safer for venturing out.

We hope, you found this post informative enough to make your Wadi Al Mujib adventure trek better and safer too. For many such useful guides, you can visit the blog section of ME-WONDERS. We are here to help you with affordable tour plans for Egypt, Jordan and other places.

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