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Nature in Vietnam and Unique Animals

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Vietnam is a nature-embracing country. Mother Nature has blessed the country with sprawling beauty and culture. Vietnam is supposedly the other name of biodiversity. The dense forests, the freshwater lakes, and the swampy river all contribute to the bubbling nature. 


Although the presence of natural beauty has improved the scenic beauty of the country, don’t you think all these would simply look like an empty stage without animals? Vietnam has unique animals, and they are the living pillars of the beauty that the country showcases.


Vietnam is not only a fancy country but a country filled with greenery and vibrant animals. Break the ice of suspense and check out the animals that you can expect to see in the nature of Vietnam.

Red Shanked Douc: Colour Palette of Nature

Red Shanked Douc is a group of primates who are colourful in appearance. They get their name from the Vietnamese word, ‘duoc’, meaning torch. These canopy lovers are often difficult to spot, as they are found so high up, that you do literally need to stretch your head. But once you see one red master, be assured to spot more of them nearby. These primates live in small groups of 4 or 15 members, and you will never find them solo.


Great Hornbill: Visitor of Nature’s Open Sky

You may have seen enough pictures of these birds in your textbooks and storybooks, but spotting a great hornbill in the land of Vietnam is certainly a different kind of experience. These birds are unique looking, with a large casque on their beak. But this unique look makes it very easy to spot them amidst a flock of different birds.


Snub-Nosed Monkey

Head up to the northern mountains of Vietnam, and if you are lucky enough you will get to see a snub-nosed monkey. These monkeys are territorial, and they have a special defence mechanism of using a wide vocal range, to fear off any animals which they consider a threat. These snub-nosed monkeys live in bigger groups of 500 to 600 members, and they disperse into smaller groups during the winter season. Do let us know in the comment section if you got to spot any.


Indian Elephant

Indian Elephants are predominantly popular in Asian countries, but the sight of an Indian elephant is quite rare in mainland of Vietnam. These elephants are comparatively smaller in dimensions than their African relatives and rank lower in terms of wildness. On your trip to Vietnam, you will mostly get to see Indian Elephants in sanctuaries and wildlife reserves. Are you ready to spot one?


Water Buffalo: A blessing to the nature

Water Buffalo is something that you will get to see at every turn of the road. There are more than 3 million water buffaloes in Vietnam. These animals are also called the workhouses of Vietnam since these animals help a lot in pulling the haul carts of farmers. Moreover, water buffaloes are deeply weaved in Vietnamese tradition and folklore.


Pygmy Slow Loris

You may have often seen these animals on your social media timeline, but you have hardly noticed the name. You were so very engrossed in the cuteness of this little animal, that your inquisitive brain forgot to question you about the hometown of these cute pouch-like animals. They have big eyes, crawl, and creep at a meagre pace. However, these small animals are very easy targets for hunters, due to their dysfunctional defence mechanism.



Vietnam has an astonishing population of animals and wildlife. Hundreds of tourists pour in every year, to experience the spectral wildlife, the sprawling nature, and the lush green forests. If you are an animal lover, and you are having a vacation ahead, then we guess, you already got the idea of what to do for this vacation!


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