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Street Food in Vietnam

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Who said you always get the best food at fancy restaurants? Try out some open-air roadside stalls in popular cities of Vietnam. Pull out a plastic stool, take a plate or bowl of street food in your hand and relish the aroma and the taste.

But, it is not at all appreciable if you go on hunting Chinese, Italian, or Continental street food in Vietnam. The country itself upholds some exciting dishes that are unique in taste and presentation. So, in this blog, we are going to focus on such dishes.

Pho: The most popular street food

A luxurious Vietnamese cuisine will be incomplete without a hot bowl of pho. The pho stalls are the most common street food corners in Vietnam. Not only tourists, but you will also often see local people trying their taste on a bowl of pho.

You can get a bowl of Pho at a comparatively lower price because local ingredients and spices make up this dish. It is a salty broth with strands of noodles and rice, sprinkles of herbs, chicken or beef. You will find Pho stalls serving a hot bowl of Pho at any hour of the day, and this saviour won’t let you go hungry!

Bun Cha: The most favourite street food

While Pho is the most famous dish in Vietnam, Bun Cha is the most favourite dish of Vietnamese. Bun Cha is not overrated; a real fact is that Barack Obama tried his tongue at Bun Cha on his visit to Vietnam.

Bun Cha is prepared by grilling small cubes of seasoned pork or slices of finely marinated pork over dry charcoal. Once the patties are charred and crispy, then they are served with fish sauce. A basket of herbs and salads is added to improve the presentation of the dish. Are you excited to try out this dish?

Goi Cuon: No to Fried Food

We know lightly fried spring rolls are the personal favourite of many tourists. When too much-fried food finally wears and tires you out, then Goi Cuon appears as your saviour. This dish is a perfect balance of health and taste, of the people.

The parcel packets are layered with green salads, a layer of meat or sea fish, and then the all-time favourite fish sauce. Dive into the taste of Goi Cuon, a very popular dish on mainland of Vietnam.

Bun Bo Nam Bo: A street food you should try

This dish is very popular among tourists who visit Vietnam. A bowl of Bun Bo Nam Bo comes in sans broth, and the texture of the ingredients remains intact.

Slices or patties of beef, mashed with crunchy peanuts, bean sprouts, and seasoned with crisp dried shallots, fresh herbs, and sprinkles of fish sauce and red chilli flakes are all the magic ingredients that make up this dish.

Ca Phe Trung: Street Beverage

We know you are already full by now, so here we draw a line the street food in Vietnam. Ca Phe Trung is basically a drink which is a type of ‘Vietnamese Egg Coffee. There are multiple stalls from where you can buy a cup of Ca Phe Trung.

The creamy soft egg white foamy appearance which envelops the dense Vietnamese coffee will hypnotise you with one sip. And yes, you can take some breathtaking views of Hoan Kim Lake, as you relish your cup of Ca Phe Trung.


So, that was all the creamy and cheesy advice for junkie street food lover tourists planning to visit Vietnam. All of these dishes are cheap, but will definitely be your tongue’s favourite in the first bite itself.

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