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Must-Visit Cities in Vietnam!!

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Although tourists are often over-excited, many of them still have a cloud of confusion, regarding the cities they should visit in the short duration of their trip to Vietnam. We are empathetic enough, and understand this is a table-to-oven situation. So, we encapsulate our expertise here in this blog.

Vietnam is a tourist-centric country. Tourists of all ages poured into this land. The rich culture, the green lush nature, and the yummy finger-licking local food are all pillars of attraction. Each city of Vietnam radiates beauty from different angles. Here, we have included four such must-visit cities in Vietnam, that you dare not miss if you are an avid tourist.

Hanoi: The capital of Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and you can give no excuses to skip this city no matter how short your trip is! This is a beautiful place not only in terms of sightseeing, but also delicious food.

Taste a bowl of Pho as soon as you reach Hanoi, and we bet you will fall in love with the place instantly. The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Hanoi. You can visit other places like Perfume Pagoda, as a part of your Hanoi staycation.

Ho Chi Minh

The capital city is not the only place that Vietnam is proud of. Ho Chi Minh is the largest city of Vietnam and has intangible beauty. But, again, a bowl of hot pho is a must here!

There are multiple museums here, which throw light on different periods of the history of Vietnam. The place is certainly a paradise for history lovers! And once you get bored of turning the pages of history, you can visit the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre. Here, you get to see the unique art of water puppetry.

Hoi An: The most popular destination in Vietnam

A very popular destination among tourists, the Hoi An portrays 360° beauty. This beach city has multiple beaches where you can relax, enjoy, and get a tan at the same time. The sprawling architecture gives a push to tourist enthusiasm.

Design your itinerary in such a way that you save enough time to visit the Hội An Silk Village, where you can learn the techniques of weaving in Vietnam and also buy some good souvenirs for your family and friends. And yes, do not forget to bite on the famous sandwich at Hoi An!

Huế: Paradise for food lovers of Vietnam

A place that we would recommend for all food lovers. The food court of the city is inspired by the royal court of culinary masterpieces. You can try Bún bò Huế, a blend of rice and noodle dish that originates from the city of Huế.

Once in the city, you should visit the city’s Imperial Citadel, which fulfills the hunger of tasty food among the city residents as well as tourists. At last, you can visit and relax in the Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs.

Cao Bằng

Tourists often search for a tranquil place in the lap of a busy country like Vietnam. The place is not concentrated with tourists, but the lush green meadows, the clear blue waterfalls, the deep caves, and the sprawling culture of villages make this place eye-soothing and beautiful.

Food recipes are a special attraction of this place. You can try street food while you are in the city. The most delicious street food includes Bánh áp Chao. This is a popular street food made with rice flour batter and duck meat fillings. If you are highly adventurous, then you can try the ant egg cake called the Bánh trứng kiến.


Vietnam is a tourist-centric country. Millions of tourists pour into the country every year to enjoy their vacation here. Here, we have mentioned four must-visit cities in Vietnam. There are a dozen more in this beautiful country. Are you ready to book your tickets for Vietnam? Then contact ME- WONDERS at once. We have different packages for different trip Itineraries. You can choose one according to your convenience. Happy traveling!