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Vietnam: What Tourists Should Remember?

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Just like your house has some special set of rules, and you offer extra hospitality to those guests who abide by the rules, similar is tourism to a country. Before you visit any other country, have a quick look at the unofficial regulations, that you are expected to follow to enjoy a merrier vacation in Vietnam. Consider this blog as important and pin it to your browser. Unlike all other blogs which focus on your fancy soul, this is factual and informative to remember, which will help you make the most of your trip. 

In the next few paragraphs, we will narrate a few unjotted rules that as a tourist you should know when you are en route to visit Vietnam. There is an unlimited number of them, but to keep this short and crisp we have just focussed on the ones that are very important for you to know. This blog will engage you for the next three minutes but will spread a blanket of happiness on your three weeks trip. 

Vietnam is a good choice destination to visit. But there are some points that every tourist should remember during their trip to Vietnam. We have listed the most important of them in this blog.


Offering Religious Respect in Vietnam 

Vietnam is home to age-old churches, gilded Buddhist temples, and the Pagodas of the Taoist. There are no written hard and fast rules about the dress code in these religious sites. But, we do recommend you wear modest dresses. You need not wear fully covered dresses, but try not to wear dresses that expose major parts of your body. The local people of Vietnam are warm enough to not spell a bad word at you, whatever dress you wear.


You are allowed to click photos in any religious hub, but we request you to be generous enough and click the photos from such a distance so that you do not disturb the worshippers. This is just a replica of good manners, that you can bring in a good name to your homeland.


Currency hacks in Vietnam

If you have a dream of feeling like a millionaire with a bulging wallet in your pocket, then Vietnam is the bang-on perfect destination for you. Carrying just USD 50 to Vietnam will make your wallet ever happy. You will touch the dream of becoming a millionaire too! We are not telling you fairy tale stories, each USD converts to more than 20,000 dongs at any point in time.


But currency calculation in Vietnam is not so easy. All credits go to big dimensional conversion rates. Moreover, there are 17 varieties of currency denominations that you need to remember. The lowest possible denomination is 100 dongs, and that comes in both coins and notes. As a tourist, you may find it difficult to carry such a thick wallet. So, each day before the start of the trip, an expert guide from the house of ME-WONDERS, will give you an outline of expense possibilities for the day and you can carry cash accordingly.


Shielding against the burning weather

Not only Vietnam, but any other country in South-East Asia also sits amidst year around hot climatic conditions. But, Vietnam has something special in-house for you regarding weather conditions. The winter in Vietnam is really cold, and you will enjoy the trip during the refreshing cool winters.


For a better idea, we are giving thermometer readings of Vietnam’s environment during the pleasurable months. From November to February, the temperature usually ranges from 19°-25°C, which is considered a pleasurable temperature. However, if you want to experience the real chilly winters, then the beautiful mountain villages of Northern Vietnam are good options. Here, the temperature drops to below 4°C.


Riding a motorbike: A danger sign in Vietnam 

The number of motorbikes in Vietnam outnumbers the number of cars by a broad bridge. International travelers are allowed to rent a motorbike that is less than 50 cc at a nominal rent, only if they have a license. But, since the number of motorbikes is higher, safety may be an issue when riding the bike. So, remember only if you are a skilled driver and confident enough, then we recommend this option.


The beauty of Vietnam lies in the greenery by the side of the roads, which is best experienced when you travel in a bike. Although, the activity is quite adventurous, yet safety should be your first priority at any moment.



Vietnam is a popular country when it comes to tourists intentions. We have tried to focus on some must-know hacks for Vietnam-going tourists. Hopefully, this blog has been useful for you. If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us. We will try to revert back as quickly as possible. And by the time we come back, you can read the rest of the blogs that are listed on our website. Happy traveling!