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Adventures in Thailand

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Thailand shouts the loudest when it comes to exciting adventures. Adventurous activities are found in all corners of the country, and there are different options that cater to different age groups. These unique adventures boost tourism in the country. Well, you need not trust us! Your trip to Thailand in the next vacation will show you all. Till then, read the rest of this blog to get an idea of some exciting adventures.


Even if we give a brief description of all the adventures in Thailand, it will make up to an encyclopaedia. So, we have handpicked few adventures that will definitely pour all adrenaline in your body. We bet none of them are called adventures just for namesake. All your five senses are definitely going to shed off the rust that has been accumulated on them over the years.


White Water River Grafting: Most popular adventure

Stay away from this if you are a faint hearted person! Rafting along the rough course of river with numerous rocks and obstacles is no baby task. This is one of the most popular adventure in Thailand, and we bet your adrenaline will not get a moment to rest throughout the activity.


Location– San Riveri in Loei, Pai River in Mae Hong Son, Khek River in Phitsanulok, Mae Taeng River in Chiang Mai, and Nan Mot Daeng River in Phatthalung.


Price– TBH 1500 to TBH 1800


Best time- late November to early February, and then from June to October.


Scuba Diving: The compulsory adventure 

For almost half of the tourist, adventure and scuba diving are synonymous. Thailand is having a 2000 kilometres long coastline, and how can you complete a trip without seeing the underwater? Moreover, there are more than 27 marine parks which are attractive by themselves. So, come down to a depth of 40 metres and enjoy the beauty of underwater world.


Location– Surin and Similan Islands, Sail Rock, Shark Island, Hin Mouang, Khao Lak, Richelieu Rock, and Chumpon pinnacle.


Price– approximately TBH 3000 to TBH 5000.


Best time- October to April.


Fly Board: A new addition 

Do you want to live the life of a dolphin for a few days? Then get up on a fly board and fly to a height, before you roll over, somersault, and then go below the sea. Flipping under the water will make you feel nothing less than a dolphin. This is a comparatively newer adventure in Thailand, aren’t you going to to experience that?


Location– Koh Samui, and Chaweng Beach.


Price– approximately TBH 2500


Best time- Almost throughout the year


Rock Climbing: A dangerous adventure!

Rock climbing is considered one of the most dangerous adventurous activities, yet a boost of enthusiasm is enough to push you for that. The rock climbing is very popular in Thailand, because of the beautiful scenic beauty that you can witness on your way. A heart bulging with adrenaline, and eyes layered with beauty is indeed a deadly combo.


Location– Kio Lom Dam in Lampang, Krabi AoNang, Crazy Horse Cliff in Chiang Mai, and Railay Bay in Krabi.


Best Time- November to April.


Cave Exploring: A knowledge gaining adventure 

If you want to unfurl history of Thailand, then cave exploration is the perfect shoe for you. Thailand has pages of unsolved mystery in those age old rock cut caves. The challenge to chalk out the history from those dark caves is one of the most exciting adventure that you can do. It not only gives you temporary boost in excitement, but leaves you with knowledge and experience for a lifetime.


Location– Chiang Dao Cave in Chiang Mai, Tham Mae Lana in Mae Hong Son, Tham Pee Hua Toe in Krabi, and Tham Lot in Mae Hong Son.


Price– an approximate cost of TBH 600 to TBH 1000


Best Time- almost throughout the year



If you want to enjoy an adventure stuffed vacation, then don’t you think Thailand is the best option for you? The adventures come bundled in the most exciting way for the tourists. After your vacation, we are pretty sure that you will carry back trucks full of memories and experiences. But beware, you will have a tired heart because throughout the adventures, your heart has been beating as fast as it could. It deserves some rest too! We the tour guides at ME WONDERS are just adventurous like you. So, let us join hands and share moments of adrenaline rush with each other.