Welcome to the Egyptian tour with ME-WONDERS. We will be guiding and assisting you throughout the trip. So, without wasting much time, let us make a happy start to our journey.

On the first day, we will be visiting Cairo, the capital of Egypt and the center of tourist attraction. The busy city has a lot more to offer than it apparently seems. We will spend sightseeing in the town the entire day, so gulp down some energy before you start for the trip. Cairo is such a city which accomplishes to please everyone, no matter whether you are a food lover or history lover, you will get your portion in the city.

To know the history of Cairo, turn the pages of Egyptian history to 969 AD. The word Cairo in the Egyptian language means “The Place of Combat.” According to Egyptian mythology, it is popularly believed that there is a battle between the gods Horus and Seth. Some people refer to Cairo as the Mother of the World because of the dense concentration of every form of fun and enjoyment.

To begin with the trip, we will start from the Cairo airport and make our first stop at Tahrir Square. Have a look at the center of the revolution, which is surrounded by armed men and soldiers even today. Next, we will head towards the Salahuddin Al Ayubi Citadel and the mosque of Mohammad Ali. This area has several background frames for perfect pictures. From history, we will now make a swift transition to nature, stroll through Al Azhar Park to experience the green part of the busy city. You will find serenity in between the tall trees of the park. By evening, we will reach the Egyptian Museum. You will be amazed to see the enormous collection of artifacts and the mummy room. The scriptures of the museum very clearly bring out Egyptian history. In the later part of the evening, we will sail you down the Majestic Niles river. You will float to the smooth waves as your mouth opens wide, seeing the beauty of either bank of the river. There are significant markets and good restaurants in Cairo; we will locate them for your convenience when we reach there.

Cairo has harsh weather both in the summer and winter months. It is ideal to avoid these months when you are planning your Egyptian trip with ME-WONDERS. The most suitable time to visit Cairo is between September to November and between February to April. And if you want to save money on shopping and binge eating, try to schedule your holidays far from major holidays. On behalf of ME-WONDERS, we advise the tourists to wear cotton clothes, hats, sunglasses, sun creams, and other protective measures to shield them from the sun’s scorching rays. Carry plenty of water with you, as you have to remain hydrated throughout the day.

Pyramids of Giza

Good morning on the second day of your Egypt tour. The entire day will be dedicated to touring the famous Pyramids of Giza. These pyramids provide one of the most iconic views in the world, so take enough rest the night before so that you do not run out of energy midway between the day.

Scrolling back to the origin of human history, the Pyramids of Giza were built 5,000 years ago. The Great Pyramids of Giza are also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops. This is one of the most ancient Wonders of the World that is still intact. The Great Pyramids is one of the highest buildings in the world. There are collections of small pyramids along with the Great Pyramids that form the Pyramids Complex. Our team from ME-WONDERS will take you on a stroll between the pyramids as we narrate the history of these sky-touching construction.

There are various activities in and around the Pyramids of Giza that will keep you entertained throughout the day. We will guide you to the most beautiful pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure that dominate a significant part of Giza. The pyramids, made of limestone, are enough to give an insight into the architectural capacities of people fifty decades ago. Then, we will take a tour inside one of the three massive pyramids. We will narrate the history of each stone of the pyramids, which you will undoubtedly bring back home even after completing the tour. Our next destination is the Panoramic Point, the best viewpoint of the entire Pyramids of Giza. This point is unique because you can see the tip of six of the nine pyramids standing at this particular point. You must have seen people visiting the Pyramids of Giza taking selfies and snaps with the Sphinx. So, here is your opportunity to do so. There is a viewing platform near the Sphinx, which tourists’ core interest to click snaps. By afternoon, you can enjoy a camel ride around the Pyramids of Giza and also peep into the solar boat museum. The solar boat is the oldest preserved vessel in Egyptian history. As the sun falls over the horizon, we will visit the Valley Temple, situated beside the Sphinx. The temple is quite significant in terms of history. We will end the day by attending the sound and light show, an excellent way to portray ancient times. This show was started in the late nineties and has not changed much since then. Fasten your seat belt, and get ready for this thrilling journey across the dusted pages of history.

We will start the trip early in the morning to bypass the crowd in the area that is common in the latter part of the day. Wear comfortable shoes, preferably ones with thick soles, because you have to walk long distances on this particular day. If you are traveling in winter, carry enough woolen clothes to protect yourself from the chilly winters. But if you are traveling in summer, cover your body as much as you can with comfortable clothes to avoid sunburn.


Congratulations on completing almost half the trip. You have stepped on the third day of the exclusive Egyptian tour. Gear up, as the day will be hectic. We will be visiting Aswan and the surroundings. Charge yourselves and your camera, as there is a lot to see and engulf.

You will be traveling from Giza to Aswan early in the morning. Our representative will guide you regarding that. By 7:00 a.m., you are expected to get ready for Aswan sightseeing. Historians from team ME-WONDERS will be there with you throughout the day. You will get to know some unknown stories about Aswan. The day will be filled with fun, excitement, and knowledge.

The word ‘Aswan’ finds its way from the Egyptian word ‘Soun,’ which means market. Aswan is located in the southern part of Egypt and was the prominent gateway for the traders. Aswan was the chief provider of granite, which is used for making sculptures. Aswan has turned to be a center of tourist attraction very recently, and that owes to the smooth flowing Nile river and the picturesque green beauty. Moreover, the weather conditions of Aswan remain pleasant throughout the year, which is also an exclusive reason for the city to find its way into a popular tourist spot.

We will begin the day by visiting the famous Temple of Isis. The Temple of Isis, also called the Temple of Philae, was built around 690 AD. The Romans built it to worship the Goddess Isis. This is one of the most beautiful temples in Aswan and is considered very sacred. From the Isis Temple, we will be heading towards the Aswan High Dam. The dam gets water from the river Nile, and it controls the flow of the river. A significant part of Egypt gets water from Aswan High Dam. This 111 meter high dam has stone and rocks forming the reservoir of the dam. As many as 34,000 people were needed for the construction of the dam. We will be taking a tour along the dam and enjoy the rustling sound of water.

Moreover, the blue background of water serves as a perfect frame for your social media pictures. We will be having our lunch next, and yes, we will be tasting local dishes for lunch. Exciting, right? After lunch, we will drive the car to the unfinished Obelisk. This is one of the most prominent obelisks of ancient times. It was built sometime around 1508 BC to 1458 BC. If the Obelisk was completed, it could have touched the 137 feet mark. Our historian will explain to you in detail the reason why the Obelisk remains unfinished. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the golden history of the Obelisk.

Temples in Egypt are liberal and allow people to wear all types of clothes. But, we advise you not to wear shorts. The flashing rays of the sun will harm your bare skin. Wear comfortable clothes for the day. Use sun creams and sun shields, compulsorily, if you are traveling in summer. Carry plenty of water with you; you are to remain hydrated for the trip.


Ding dong, ding dong!!! It is the fourth day of your trip to Egypt. Today we will explore a different flavor of all the tourist areas that you have seen till now. Yes, you guessed it right; Luxor embraces you with open arms. Tie up your shoelace and get ready for a new set of activities that will be happening throughout the day.

Luxor is the king of Egyptian towns because of the rich wealth that the city possesses for travelers to enjoy. The ancient Egyptian walls painted with vibrant colors give the feel of a museum through every lane that you walk through. Luxor was the site of ancient Thebes. They covered the banks of the Nile river with their architectural and artistic works, Luxor being the most remarkable example of their talents. There is an uncountable number of wonders hidden in the corners of the lanes, and you can easily spend a month here yet discover new surprises every day. So, our journey will be long and tiresome, and we will cover a significant part of the town in a single day. So, drink an energy potion and get on your tracks for the day.

We will be starting early in the morning and give our first halt in the Temple of Karnak. This is the most magnificent and astonishing view that you can experience anywhere in the world. The gigantic scale monuments built in such a massive area will undoubtedly impress you. We will have a detailed tour of the Karnak Temple which will take a couple of hours, but the time is worth it. Then we will head towards the Valley of the Kings, the tomb colony of ancient Egyptian kings. Within the valley area, there are 63 tombs, each belonging to the name of an old Egyptian king. Only one of the 63 tombs remains open at any given time to preserve the tombs from unnecessary moisture. From the Valley of the Kings, we will be on our way to mimic the birds flying high up. Yes, we will be riding in hot air balloons for half an hour. Cherish the temples, the river, and the green fields from that height and tuck in as many memories in your pocket as you can. Then we will be sitting down for lunch. After stuffing our tummy with local delicacies, we will see the Luxor Temples, the Temple of Deir el-Bahri, and the Medinet Habu one by one. Each temple is a landmark on its own, and the reason you can very well understand once you set your feet in the temples. By evening, we will be taking you on a felucca ride to the famous Banana Island. All you need to do is sit back in the felucca and Enjoy the earthly sunset view along the waves of the Nile river.

The day is long and hectic, but all the energy you spend is worthy of the views. There are temples and monuments scattered all over to amaze you with every step. Wear comfortable cotton clothes that you can carry throughout the day. Try to wear thick sole shoes so that they do not wear out during the trip. Compulsorily apply sun creams on all bare parts of your body.


Before we say goodbye for the last time, it is time to visit Alexandria. We will be organizing a cruise on the last day of our Egyptian tour to visit Alexandria. Alexandria is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, almost 225 kilometers northwest of Cairo. The city may not look appealing from the cruise board, but the city will never fail to impress you once you reach there.

The city gets its name from Alexander the Great, the person who found the city around 331 BC. It is the second largest city of Egypt and houses a significant part of the Egyptian population. The city is important from the commercial point of view, as it is an important Mediterranean port city with few prominent ports.

Early in the morning, we will set our sail for Alexandria. We will first move towards the lighthouse of Alexandria, which once existed but now has been destroyed by an earthquake. In the year 1480 AD, the citadel was built with the remaining stones of the lighthouse at that exact spot. We will be visiting the Citadel of Qaitbay; since there is nothing much to see inside the citadel, we will be skipping this part. Then we will walk along the Corniche. The Corniche is a beautiful waterfront that runs for 10 miles along the eastern coast of Alexandria, connecting the Citadel and the Montaza Palace. It is a lovely walk with restaurants, cafes, and shops dotted along the sides of the Corniche. We can have a look at the ancient library of Alexandria, the old world’s most extensive collection of scrolls and knowledge. The library was later destroyed in 48 BC when the army of Julius Caesar set many parts of Egypt on fire. We will also be seeing Pompey’s Pillar and the Serapeum before lunch.

After lunch, we will go to see the ancient Egyptian Theatre, Kom El Dekka. It was constructed in the 4th century BC and housed delicate designs of architecture coupled with scientific works of engineering. After taking a tour inside the arena, we will go for an excursion to the Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque. It has a beautifully colored exterior and intricately carved interior. In the evening, we will go to the Alexandria National Museum and the Royal Jewelry Museum, the two most famous museums of Egypt. We will then have our dinner in Alexandria.

Carry the camera with you and make sure it is fully charged so that you do not miss any moment of the day. Women are expected to dress in such a way that their arms and legs remain covered. Women have to cover their heads before entering places of worship. You may have to remove your shoes before entering some areas in Alexandria.


Good morning Hurghada!!! Today, you will see the fifth dimension of Egyptian beauty; the latest emerging tourist concentrating spot, Hurghada. While on the one hand, you will be occupied with beach activities for a significant part of the day; on the other hand, we will spend sufficient time in the dry land. We have grinded our experience along with the city map to design the most efficient itinerary of Hurghada for you. Get ready for a blockbuster day!!!

Hurghada is situated by the Red Sea and is one of the dazzling beauties of Egypt. The place was developed only in the late 20th century because of the natural underground oil reserve. Slowly the city expanded, keeping the oil commerce at the focus. Much later, the beautiful climate, long beaches, blue water of the Red Sea, and other scenic beauty took the tourist’s interest. Since then, there has been no shortage of compliments for the city from the tourists.

We have only a day in our hands to spend in Hurghada, so that we will book scuba diving and snorkeling slots beforehand. We will start the day before the sun wakes up; no scenery can overtake the beauty of sunrise in the Red Sea. There are a plethora of activities at the beach for you to experience and enjoy. We will spend some time snorkeling in the heart of the sea, visiting the hot spots and reefs. We will also spend sufficient time exploring underwater life, watching baby dolphins, and riding banana boats. We will also go for a short submarine trip, wherein you can admire the beauty of the river and the surroundings sitting on the board of the submarine. Next, we will jump into the most exciting part of the day; scuba diving. You will be accompanied by our guides and scuba experts on your scuba diving tours. After the energy-consuming scuba diving, we will have our lunch and refuel all our lost energy. We will bid adieu to the sea and dive into the land attractions of Hurghada.

Then in the afternoon part of the day, we will start with the intriguing attractions like Coptic Cathedral and fishing village and then slowly move to the adventurous side of the area. We will go for a camel ride or head into the desert on an all-terrain vehicle. Our guides will accompany you to the Hurghada Grand Aquarium, where you can find a plethora of fishes, sharks, and other water animals.

We will enjoy the sunset in Hurghada as you take back bags of memories of the Egypt tour with you. Later in the evening, we will go for some live folklore shows organized regularly by the local people. And on the final note, we will end the day by opting for a barbecue dinner on the beach of the Red Sea.

You will spend a significant part of the day by the beach, so it is advisable to carry an extra set of clothes with you on the day of your Hurghada trip. Wear hats and sunglasses to protect yourself from the intense heat of the sun. Applying sun creams and sun shields is compulsory. And the last piece of advice from the team of ME-WONDERS,  wear waterproof shoes or sandals when you go out for water expeditions in the Red Sea.

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