There is no compromise on the fun after we tie the laces of our shoes for traveling. We advise our tourists to fasten their seat belts not to be blown away by the enjoyment during the trip. ME-WONDERS organizes both national and global tours at an affordable price. We promise to make traveling a heavenly experience for you.

Most of the tours organized by ME-WONDERS consist of small groups of tourists. We understand that a small group of tourists are more adherent in their sentiments and choices. Our tours include a team of not more than twelve travelers at the most. We are a family at ME-WONDERS , and we compromise on nothing when it comes to fun and merriment.

A trip with a small number of people has many advantages over a large group of tourists. Let us list a few of them.

  • It is easier to adapt oneself in a small group of people rather than a big group. People find themselves more comfortable around a small group of unknown faces.
  • The tour leaders in the team of ME-WONDERS always find it convenient to discuss facts in small groups. It gives a homely feeling among the hosts as well as guests.
  • Life as a tourist gets much more exciting when it comes to traveling with a small group. Just dive into a small group of few people, and you will be bound with limitless happiness.
  • The small group of people traveling together remains a group not only for the few days of the journey but for a lifetime.
  • It always gets easier to understand humor and logic in a small group of people. ME-WONDERS makes you feel at home.
  • At ME-WONDERS , it is easier to plan a journey with a small group of people. Booking a bus or car to go from one site to another gets convenient with a limited number of people.
  • We make sure we cater to each traveler’s needs individually. This is only possible if the group is small and compact.
  • We focus on the quality of food that is being served to our travelers. No matter how harsh the situation is, we will provide each one of you with the best quality food.
  • Our travelers are our first priority. We make sure our tourists get elevated assistance from us.

ME-WONDERS organizes tours with an utterly small number of people and a team member on our behalf. We will be guiding you through the best routes, which lead to destinations. We will make sure each one of you consumes hygienic food and get accessibility to plenty of purified water.

Before the trip, we give clear instructions to each traveler regarding each day’s plan. We will also attach needed instructions if any, that you need to know before visiting a place. The small group of unknown faces will be a family once you close the door of the car and set in motion with ME-WONDERS . Happy traveling!