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Cuisine in Egypt

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We already know one of your secrets! You are planning to travel to Egypt to take a dip in the ocean of tasty cuisines. Ditch your habits of dieting for a few days as we explore more about the dishes of Egypt. ME-WONDERS offers multiple tours to Egypt and at the centre of each of these tours stands the unique and tasty cuisines.

Cuisine Koshari

Koshari is the most famous Egyptian dish that is certainly going to impress you. The dish looks impressive and neither you nor your camera can resist the well decorated Koshari dish. Rice, brown lentils, and macaroni with toppings of fried onions and spicy tomato paste are all that the Egyptians need to add the tint of taste to the dish. We advise you to eat Koshari at Koshari serving exclusive restaurants.

Cuisine Ful Medames

Ful Medames is the most popular snack in Egypt that you will find even along the small lanes of the city. The dish comprises of ful which is a paste of mashed beans along with olive oil sprinkles and garlic paste for flavouring. It is quite an expensive dish and is perfect for post sunset tummy satisfaction. Even if you are staying in Egypt for a few hours, make sure you do not forget to nibble a bite of this exclusive Egyptian dish, Ful Medames.

Egyptian Dish Tamiya

Tamiya is the queen of popular street foods in Egypt. In other parts of the world, the more popular name of tamiya is falafel. The beans and parsley are the chief ingredients of the dish. You will see Tamiya more often in the shape of circular discs rather than round balls. You can couple Tamiya with salad to enjoy a yummy and tasty snack. Feeling hungry, people?

Cuisine Shawarma

Now, we are at the epitome of taste as we jot down about the famous Egyptian cuisine Shawarma. Grilled chicken or lamb is pressed to give the shape of a cone which is then chopped and sliced to stuff in a piece of rolled flatbread. The stuffing is made more delicious with finely chopped pieces of garlic, onion, parsley, tomato and a variety of spices. It is a perfect take away cuisine if you are a person who has midnight cravings. The hot shawarma wrapped in a clean foil paper is a perfect round the clock cuisine that you can find anywhere in Egypt.

Mulukhiyah Soup Bowl

Local people of Egypt will certainly pull you to try their all time favourite dish Mulukhiyah; you may not find it appetising in the first encounter. It is a dark green soup, prepared from mallow leaves with a viscous texture. The Egyptians are just addicted to this soup bowl preparation along with rabbit and lamb meat. Take a sip or two of this famous cuisine but do not blame us later that we listed it under tasty cuisines!!!

Gear up, binge eaters! Egypt will quench your thirst of tasty cuisines at a single go. There are plenty of restaurants and roadside stalls, where you can stop by to taste a dish or two. For an exclusive trip to Egypt, which includes most of the possible tasty cuisines and a comfortable side scene tour, you can contact ME-WONDERS. We organise trips in the most handsome way; so that both your time and money is saved while you enjoy a lavish trip. Contact us now to book your slots for the upcoming vacation. We can entertain only a limited number of tourists at a single trip.