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The six best tombs: Valley of Kings

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Sightseeing in Egypt is now better than ever. For tourists, visiting Egypt now means more than a mere trip to see the pyramids. People have developed a deep interest in the history and beauty of the place which is certainly impressive. In this blog, we will give you an insight into the six best tombs in the Valley of Kings that you all can focus upon. 

You will be visiting the Valley of Kings on the third or fourth day of your tour as a sightseeing trip. So, get ready with your camera as you will be traveling all the way to the Valley of Kings.

1. Tomb of Tutankhamen

This is the most widely known tomb in the entire Valley of Kings. However, it is neither a glamorous nor a very big tomb with beautiful decorations. King Tutankhamen died at an early age of 19 years and apparently, it seems, the structure of this particular construction was built for any lesser noble but in a hurry had to be used for Tutankhamen. The main attractions here include the mummified body of King Tutankhamen and the objects used by him. You will be amazed to see the face mask of King Tutankhamen which is one of the best pieces of art in Egyptian history.

 2. Tomb of Seti I

This blog can never start without the mention of the Tomb of Seti I. It is perhaps the most spectacular tomb in the entire Valley of Kings. It is the longest and the deepest tomb among all others in the area. There are eleven chambers here, and the walls of each chamber are intricately designed with eye-catching figures and vibrant colours. Moreover there is a massive burial chamber with a beautifully designed arched ceiling. This tomb will give you the impression that King Seti 1 loved astronomy and most of the carvings on the wall are focused on astronomy.

3. Catacomb of Ramses IX

Welcome to the most popular tomb of the Valley of Kings. This one is just beside the entrance, so tourists flock here right at the beginning of the tour. Although King Ramses IX reigned for more than 18 years, the tomb is mostly incomplete. The first few corridors are beautifully built but the passages later on are unfinished. The burial chamber and the astronomical ceilings are the major attractions of this tomb. 

4. Catacomb of Ramses III

Now you move towards the most interesting and the best preserved structure of the Valley of Kings, the Tomb of Ramses III. The reliefs found inside are magnificent and will definitely impress you. The incarnations on the ceiling here are best among all others, they are vibrant and beautifully portrayed. Right at the end of the long corridor, there are four pillars which are painted marvellously on all sides. Head to this tomb, and you will be amazed to see the creativity of native Egyptians.

5. Tomb of Ramses IV

If you are worried about the weight of your purse, then the Tomb of Ramses IV is the best destination for you. You can visit this tomb with a generalised entry ticket. The vivid walls and ceiling of the tomb are an excellent example of ancient Egyptian architecture. Do not forget to look at the magnificently designed ceiling of the burial wall. Also, in the burial chamber look for a massive stone named Sarcophagus and the fine decorations on the walls of it.

6. Tomb of Ramses V and Tomb of Ramses VI

It is one of the most attractive tombs in the Valley of Kings. The construction of this was started by Ramses V who held the authority for only four years. The construction was completed by Ramses V later. From the entry of the tomb to every corner, it is beautifully decorated with pictures. Often along the walls you will see carvings of kings offering to various deities. The astronomical ceiling also adds to the beauty of this age old construction. And the beauty does not end here; the main attraction of this tomb lies in the burial chamber which is quite different from others found in the Valley of Kings. You will get to see a vaulted ceiling painted with astronomical scenes.


Hope these six spots in the Valley of Kings will give you a clear picture of Egyptian history and the legacy of tombs that they carry on their back. Do not forget to click enough pictures so that you leave an impression of your trip even after ages. Contact ME-WONDERS for a trip to Egypt and you will be taken for sightseeing to the Valley of Kings by our expert guides. Check our website for other tourist attractions in Egypt. We offer quality trips at the most convenient cost for tourists. So, hurry up and book your slots with us now. Happy travelling!