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Nile Cruise Backpacking: A Handy Guide

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Heading for the land of Pharaohs? You must be very excited to explore the enchanting charm of Egypt. The best possible way to relish everything best in and around Egypt is the Nile Cruise. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure must be well planned and well executed too. Must be well planned and well backpacked too. Take your bag and follow this article to know what to take.

Let’s start with what essentials you must put in your travelling bag when you are all set to sail through with a Nile Cruise tour.


Stack Your Bag With Sun Protection Items For Nile Cruise Tour

The Egyptian sun is unbelievably strong. Minimum temperature hovers around 14°C in winter (November – April) while maximum temperature reaches 30°C mark in summer (May – October). You must have some proper sun protection cream or lotion (loaded with SPF factors) in your bag to keep your skin safe from the scorching rays and sweltering heat, particularly in summer. You must also include sun hat, sunglasses, a scarf and SPF lip balm to your backpacking list.


Dresses That Look Stylish And Feel Comfortable

Once you figure out what to wear in your cruise, it’s easy to figure out what kind of dresses you should pack for the trip. While arranging your backpack, focus on clothes that are breathable and dry quickly. Although cotton is the best option you have got but we will highly recommend the linen or athletic fabrics. They will serve your purpose better during your vacation in Egypt.

Cooling Insect Repellent Is A Must

Just like any other hot country, Egypt has got loads of mosquitoes. Because of mosquitoes, you may face some really annoying moments during your Nile Cruise trip. that’s why you should carry an effective insect repellent in your bag all through the cruise. It’s better to bring a travel-sized spray in your backpack. Spraying cooling version will feel nice on sun-exposed body parts and keep those nasty mosquitoes away simultaneously.


Take A Good Maxi Dress Or Midi-Skirt For Nile Cruise

As the Egyptian sun is not that merciful, you will love to cover up your body as much as possible. Are you worried about compromising on style part front? Nothing to worry when you pack a good maxi dress or a midi-skirt in your travel bag. A maxi dress or midi-skirt covers most of your body parts and at the same time takes care of your impeccable sense of style. Such dresses also show up magnificently in pictures.


A Well-Fitted Swimsuit Along With A Pool Cover-Up

Taking a Nile Cruise anytime other than winter? Then you must be planning to hang out at the poolside in the boat. Make sure you don’t forget your swimsuit at home. To cool off under the sun and by the pool, you will need that fun swimsuit and a good cover-up while chilling out at the pool area. Clicking those Insta-worthy photos in the pool is mandatory and your best swimsuit will certainly set your timeline ablaze!


A Pair Of Comfy Linen Pants And A Breathable Shirt

While stacking your bag for the Nile River Cruise, always pack a pair of linen pants and a breathable long-sleeved shirt. We will advice you to take a white cotton shirt while your pants must be in some bright pastel hues like pink, blue, occur yellow or pale orange. They are extremely comfortable and look amazing in photos against any backdrop.


Place A Sturdy Flip-Flops While Backpacking For Nile Cruise

Your Egyptian Odyssey will introduce to a unique terrain that demands lots of walking. So, gift yourself with a comfy pair of walking sandals, preferably the sturdy flip-flops. Closed shoes are not a good pick for summer days while you also can’t rely on those pointed-heels to roam around those ridiculously rough terrains. Flip-flops keeps your feet comfortable while offering sufficient grip during long excursions on land.


Keep Diarrhoea Tablets Handy

A new country with a set of different climatic conditions and plenty of spice-up delicacies often induces digestive issues. Egypt is no exception to this. It is least expected to let an irritated tummy ruin your much-anticipated Nile Cruise tour. So, it’s wise to keep a strip of diarrhoea tablets in your backpack to handle those emergency situations smoothly.


A Digital Camera To Make The Nile Cruise Immortal

Nile Cruise is undoubtedly a memorable affair that you will love to cherish for the rest of your life. Therefore, you must be well equipped with a good digital camera to capture those stunning architecture and catch the essence of your travel through the ‘Land of Pharaohs.’


Never Forget The Power Adaptor With USB Ports

You don’t want your mobile phones or digital camera or laptops to run out of charge while enjoying your time on the Nile. So, packing a universal power adaptor with multiple USP ports is mandatory. So that, you can charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere.


We must have reduced your worries related to Nile Cruise backpacking. For more travel tips, you can check out the blog section of ME-WONDERS. We assure rewarding tours and travels to Egypt within your affordability. Connect with us for an outstanding travel experience.