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Instagram Feeding Sites in Cairo in Egypt

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Instagram is the new trend of this era. And when you are visiting a glamorous place like Cairo in Egypt, you should fill your bucket with tons of astounding pictures. So, let us make your trip the utmost memorable with our current blog, the most instagrammable sites in Cairo.


Pictures are the best form of memory that are pinned to our Instagram feed as well as our life for an entire lifetime. To get eye catching pictures, you need a camera (or a mobile phone will work well too), sufficient light and a perfect place with a perfect angle. Snap! And Your photo is Wow-ed by people across the globe.


1 . The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx: Insert the Instagram #visitingPyramids

We know you already have this place in your mind. You should obviously keep folders of pictures in front of this beautiful wonder of the world. So, Go ahead, travelers! But, do you know how to get the best shot here? Try to reach here early in the morning. The soft red sunlight kissing the walls of the pyramids gives you a fantastic colour pop picture. Very early in the morning, you will find very few tourists there and so, there will be no one to bump into your pictures. 


2. Khan El Khalili Market: Insert the #traditionalEgypt

The name did not impress you yet, right? Trust ME-WONDERS and hold our hands for once when we take you through the market. We bet you cannot control yourself from clicking a series of snaps in this market and uploading them a on your Instagram feed. There are plenty of shops lined up one after the other in this market. Sights of shopkeepers surfing through their stocks or travelers checking out an antique collection of traditional Egyptian souvenirs are perfect camera moments of Khan El Khalili Market. Find your camera way through the busy crowd of the Khan El Khalili Market.


3. The White Desert: Insert the Instagram #blondeBeauty

Next, we will take you to an exotic place, the sight of which gives a tone of smoothness to your snaps. Although the White Desert is a considerable distance from Cairo, you can spend a night getting some mind blowing photos. Bridal photos with bright red gowns with the white background look fantastic. If you are interested in visiting the White Desert as a part of your tour, contact ME-WONDERS at the earliest. 


4. Marriott Mena House: Insert #morningPyramids

Among all other hotels that claim being close to the Pyramids, our personal favorite is the Marriott Mena House. It is situated in Cairo, just overlooking the age-old pyramids. You will get fabulous Instagram appropriate photos sitting with a coffee mug in your balcony with the pyramids in your background. 


5. Citadel of Saladin: Insert the Instagram #egyptianHistory

What can be a better place for a photo shoot than a 12th century old building, dictating the history of Egypt since ages. Although tripods are not allowed here, photography is entirely free here. So, head here with your family and friends for picture perfect snaps. Before the area gets crowded in the afternoon, try to click as many pictures as you can. The snaps with city views and the mosque behind are the most beautiful sites. 


Are you ready to be the next talked about photographer in the town? Well then it is your turn now. These are prominent places in Cairo waiting for the shutter sound of your camera. Shake hands with ME-WONDERS for booking your trip to Egypt now. We organize trips with utmost care and thus, our services are unparalleled. Contact us if you are having any queries! We will be happy to help you. 

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