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Egyptian Honeymoon Guide

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Congratulations on being married to the love of your life! Are you still in a dilemma on deciding where to go for your honeymoon? Welcome to Egypt, the land of history. This blog gives you a detailed guide on the Egyptian Honeymoon. We will help you stitch the dream honeymoon of your choice.


From why to choose Egypt as a destination for your honeymoon to places to visit during your honeymoon, we will cover it all.


Why choose Egyptian Honeymoon?

When it comes to a honeymoon, Egypt might be the last name you are thinking of. But to be very honest, Egypt is certainly an underrated honeymoon destination. Going to Egypt rather than any fancy countries of Europe, will certainly make you fall for the place.


1 . Heterogeneous Site- Egypt is a place with heterogeneous destination sites. Whether you are a nature lover or a history freak, Egypt has a cup of everything for you. And to be very prominent, couple parks are in abundance in Egypt. The destinations are so cosy that your honeymoon will be baked with the sweetest honey ever.


2. Budget Friendly- There comes the chief attraction of Egyptian Honeymoon. We know already you have burnt your pocket after a lavish marriage and thus the idea of visiting Egypt for a honeymoon is fabulous. You do not have to spend dollars for a memorable trip.


3. Stunning views- Egypt offers a bag full of amazing views for couples. Whether it is popular Cairo or any unnamed street, each corner of the country has a box of emotions awaiting for you. Jump in now for a fabulous vacation.


Best Time for Egyptian Honeymoon

The next question that comes to your mind is, what is the best time for an Egyptian honeymoon. Most of the months of the year have pleasant weather conditions and that is perfect for a honeymoon in Egypt.


The best times to visit Egypt are during early summer from late March to late May, and then again from late September to early November, just before winter sets in. Try to avoid months of July and August.


Another event to keep in mind, while booking your slots is the Ramadan month. During this one month, most of the shops remain shut and you will be missing the lifetime experience of shopping in Egypt.


Must visit places in Egypt

At ME-WONDERS, we understand that a regular trip and honeymoon are actually different from each other. So, we promise we will not redirect you to our list of must visit places. Here, we have prepared a list of places that you must visit exclusively if you are opting for a perfect Egyptian Honeymoon.


1 . Cairo

One of the most beautiful wonders of the world will witness that happy moment between you and your partner. So, step out of your home and get yourself charged for visiting none other than the Pyramids of Giza. It is very charming to see the sun going down the pyramids with your partner. Amidst all the crowd of Cairo, find an abode of peace with your partner by your side, as you stroll through the city.


2. Aswan and Luxor

A cruise down the Nile River is just the cup for you during your honeymoon. Along both sides of the river, you will be seeing the beautiful city stretching to the unseen. So, want to be a part of this beautiful journey together? Then contact ME-WONDERS now, and do not miss this opportunity.


3. Beach destination in Egypt

Egypt is the star land of beaches and what can really be a great destination for your Egyptian honeymoon other than a extravagant beach? The exclusive honeymoon beaches in Egypt are-

  • Sahl Hasheesh- Choose this beach for a lavish nightlife along with luxurious relaxation vibe.
  • Sharm El Sheikh– A shot for the adventurous couple out there! From diving, to desert safari to climbing Mount Catharine, everything comes in a capsule for you.
  • Hurghada– Another couple beach for beautiful couples! Activities like diving and snorkeling awaits you there.

Gouna- Are you a party freak couple? Then Gouna is certainly your dream destination. And foodie couples, Gouna will impress you with all delicacies.

Marsa Alam- Looking for perfect frames for couple pictures? Marsa Alam is your final destination then. The picturesque sceneries will make you joy bound.


Suggested Egyptian Honeymoon itinerary

Most of the couples prefer to go for a fortnight honeymoon, and here, we have prepared a itinerary for your convenience.


Day 1-3: Cairo


Kickstart your Egyptian honeymoon with a visit to the famous Cairo. Book one of the pyramid facing resorts and spend 3 days in this beautiful city. From pyramids, to the Sphinx, to the Egyptian Museum and Citadel, spread love all over the city. Do not forget to click stunning couple pictures, to preserve this fragrance of love, even after a hundred years.


Day 4-8: Nile Cruise


The Nile Cruise is the most beautiful part of the journey. Divide your time reasonably between Luxor, Aswan and other sites. If you want to go for hot air balloon or Abu Simbel safari, then book your slots beforehand. Contact ME-WONDERS for any assistance regarding your honeymoon.


Day 9-14: It’s the time for beach


We have already served you the list of beaches you can choose from. Visit two or three beaches with your partner by your side. Build memories with your partner that will be beautiful like the flowing water of Nile River.


We have come to the end of Egyptian Honeymoon Guide. Hope we will be able to make a beautiful impact on your dreamy honeymoon. To make the honeymoon more beautiful and flawless, just feel free to contact us! At ME-WONDERS, we offer private trips for every tourist. And yes, we will offer you a honeymoon trip that is our gift for your courtship! Happy honeymoon, love birds!

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