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Adventures in Jordan

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Going for a trip means much more than sightseeing and photography. Adventures are the personal favourite of many tourists and we know you are one of them! Adventurous acts give you energy and a life beyond life.


In this blog, we will point out some ideas about Jordanian adventures. We bet, these adventures are certainly going to impress your tourism vibes. Are you ready to be whirled in the circle of adventures in Jordan? 


#1. Overnight Camping: The Most Exciting Adventure

Your visit to this vast sprawling desert can never be complete without an overnight camp under a bright starry sky. No wonder, you will not be camping alone, the moon and the stars will be your companion for the night.


About the climatic conditions, although the desert remains extensively hot during the day, the temperature becomes pleasantly cool as the evening approaches. The entire area looks incredibly beautiful with a blanket of peace spreading all over. 


Summer nights are usually considered the best for overnight camping, because of the pleasant weather conditions and the clear skies. Keep a night aside for overnight camping in Wadi Rum that you can cherish for a lifetime.


#2. Rock Climbing: The Most Engaging Adventure in Jordan

Cut your way through the sharp cut rocks of Jordan and we bet you will be having goosebumps throughout. The sandstone and the granite rocks of Wadi Rum desert have been the focus of rock climbers over the last few decades.


There are various routes of rock climbing. We advise beginners and amateurs to take short and easy routes before they start leaping onto lengthier routes. The large sandstone and granite rocks have always rendered the best experience for rock climbing. 


Another secret that we are dying to tell you is that not only rock climbers, this adventure is a must for tree lovers too. While climbing up, you will be catching a glimpse of various known and unknown medicinal plants that have creeped their ways up the rocks.


#3. Canoying in Wadi Al Mujib: The Best Adventure at a Depth of 410 metres below Sea Level

Canoy down the steep sides of Wadi Al Mujib to the lowest lying natural reserve under the Red Sea. This adventurous act has been in the bucket list of many tourists for years, and now time has come to bring it into reality. 


But, remember to wear fully covered shoes with thick soles for this day, as you need to do sets of strenuous activities. Specifically, we would advise you to wear old shoes, because your shoes may be torn or damaged. 


Canoeing is very popular among tourists visiting Jordan, because of the exhilarating activities that will simply shake off all laziness from your soul. Are you ready to lose a few calories from your body in exchange for a memorable adventurous activity?


#4. Snorkeling: Dive in the Sea of Adventures

Did you already guess this adventure, considering the 17 miles long coastline of Jordan? The colourful coral reefs at the bottom of the Red Sea adds an extra layer of excitement to snorkeling. 


Once you take a dip in the Red Sea, you will see some age-old tankers that have been drowned decades before. And you will be extremely surprised to see some aquatic animals living in the shelter of tankers.


The benefit of snorkeling in the Red Sea is the unfathomable visibility that is absolutely rare to find in other parts of the world. Are you ready to take a dive under the guidance of our experts from ME-WONDERS?


#5. Scuba Diving: The must included activity in the list

The coast of Aqaba gives the tourists an extraordinary and adventurous scuba diving experience. This place has pleasing weather throughout the year, which is definitely an added advantage for amateur as well as expert scuba divers.


Some of the top sites for diving in Aqaba are Cedar Pride Wreck, Seven Sisters, and Japanese Garden. You can visit any of these sites for a mind blowing scuba diving experience. The coast of Aqaba is the home to more than thousand marine life, which includes, aquatic plants, corals, crustaceans and fishes. 


Book your scuba diving slot now, so that you do not have to face saturation in booking later. Contact ME-WONDERS to ensure privileged booking during your trip to Jordan. 



Let us get going on the merry wheels of adventures in Jordan. Shake hands with ME-WONDERS for some fabulous unknown adventures in Jordan that will make your trip memorable. Check our Jordan itinerary for some in depth ideas about the trip. Contact us, to book your vacation slots now! Happy traveling, beautiful people!