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Six Mistakes in Egypt you should avoid

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A wise person once said, learn from the mistakes of others before you learn from yours. And that is just a bang on perfect statement ever said. ME-WONDERS have been the best travel agency for the past few decades. And the legacy we carry is based on numerous mistakes, from which we have learnt. Today, we are going to share half a dozen of such mistakes in Egypt, that are most important from the viewpoint of a tourist. So, before you book your flight to Egypt, take a merry walk through this blog.


1 . Spending more time in Cairo; most common mistake in Egypt

Although Cairo is the heart of Egypt, you should not forget the other vital organs of Egypt too! Most tourists spend a couple of days in Cairo and that is realistic if you are having a limited time in your hand. Do we really need to mention that you should not miss The Pyramids of Giza? If you are still in doubt, what places to visit in Cairo, then check our latest blog


2. Expecting help without remuneration; ; a major mistake in Egypt

Once you book your flight to Egypt, make it a point to pay coins as tips to people who will guide you on the way. Local people of Egypt are very friendly and will always extend their hand of help to you whenever you need. They will certainly not ask for pennies, but their gesture will show that they are already used to getting tips. But sometimes, people will not accept coins and they will expect you to buy some stuff from their shops.


3. Focussing on fancy dishes

The real aroma of food of any particular place lies in the very local dishes of that place. So, take a dip in the traditional dishes of Egypt and your tongue will get to taste heaven. Include falafel, Koshari, Manshi and other local dishes in your must-taste diet. Do remember not to make this mistake in Egypt, and eat fancy dishes from reputed restaurants. Try your tongue in some roadside stalls too!


4. Paying somewhere in foreign currency

Whenever you are buying anything from reputed stores, try to use Egyptian currency unless absolutely necessary. The sellers often claim the price to be as low as 1 USD but the same good, if bought with Egyptian currency, would be equivalent to a few cents. But, there are a few high end shops which accept payments in dollars, so you have to be armed with both forms of payment.


5. Not buying a travel insurance; the most dangerous mistake in Egypt

People sometimes claim Egypt to be an unsafe place but to be very honest, it is not something like that. But still, we would recommend you to buy travel insurance before you take your flight to Egypt. There may be some undue happenings like, health emergencies, or you may lose some valuables! The travel insurance will really help you in those times. So, travellers, be safe not sorry!


6. Not hiring a tour guide; ; a foolish mistake in Egypt

Egypt is a place wrapped with history, and unless you are an excellent historian, an experienced tour guide is absolutely necessary. Although most of the places are good to go without a tour guide, but you will not be able to make the head or tail of places like Egyptian Museum. If you are really interested to gain knowledge about Egyptian Museum and Egyptian history, then do hire a guide! At ME-WONDERS we offer an experienced guide to all places in Egypt. We are always one step ahead to make our customers happy and satisfied.


These six mistakes in Egypt are the common ones that most of the tourists commit, but that is not the end of the list. There are innumerable mistakes that everyone do and later regret. At ME-WONDERS, our trips are all equipped with experienced guide right from the time you move out of the hotel to the time you enter the hotel and that is how we are not only a travel agency; we are a family. We offer various packages to Egypt, you can choose from the list or customize your trip itinerary. Happy traveling! 

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