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Most Stunning Views in Egypt

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Eyes are the mirror to your soul, so presenting beautiful scenic images in front of your eyes is the easiest way to bring a spontaneous smile to your face. In this blog, we have handpicked the five most stunning views in the land of Egypt. These views are better than each other in terms of beauty.


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1 . Castle Zaman: The Most Stunning View at Night

Rather uncommon in fame but beautiful in sight, the Castle Zaman is located between the Taba and Nuweiba town, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba. There is an aesthetic restaurant in the Castle Zaman; slow cooked castle food is famous for. This includes a fantastic recipe of meat, vegetables, and seafood cooked with some exotic spices. There is an attached swimming pool, where you can spend some quality time swimming under the starry night. You can also explore the castle with your friends or trip accompaniments. 



  • Try to visit the area after the sun sets, when there are no clouds. Let the moon and the stars be your guide for the night.
  • Carry cameras or mobile phones that capture extremely good photos at night. Having a complementary night mode is preferable. 
  • If you think you are a mashed up version of food explorer and crazy tourist, then Castle Zaman is the A+ place for you.


2. Farsha Mountain Lounge: Wide Angle Stunning View

This is the destination of a perfect family lunch or dinner right at the heart of Egypt. This is a perfect Bedouin style sophisticated family lounge that offers extensive and beautiful views from one of the highest points in Egypt. Can you guess the location by now? It is located in the Red Sea town of Sharm el Sheikh. Sit back and enjoy the cool wind of the Red Sea as you sip on a bottle of beer. Dump in here for a classy chill vibe during your trip.



  • A cloudy day is perfect for a trip to this lounge; so, keep aside a cloudy day in your trip for paying a visit to the Mountain Lounge.
  • If you are beer-holic, then we bet you will fall in love with this place. They have exotic collection of beers that will leave an emblem of the place in your mind.


3. Marriott Mena House: History inspired Stunning View

If you want to be a part of history, then the Marriott Mena House is the best destination for you. The Mena house was originally built a couple of centuries ago, as a royal guesthouse of Khedive Ismail’s esteemed guests. The ownership of the Mena House was rolled over to an eminent British couple in 1869, and then from 1887, the Mena House became a hotel for the tourists. 



  • The Pyramids of Giza are very prominent from this site. You may feel the Pyramids are your next door residents. So do not forget to capture moments.
  • This is one of the best rated hotels in Cairo, and is definitely not going to disappoint you.


4. Agiba Beach: Beach Views in Egypt

It is high time we find beauty in nature itself. And certainly, the other name of beauty is Agiba Beach! It is situated near the coasts of Marsa Matrouh and is definitively a wonder destination for the magnificent view of the Red Sea in front. And to experience this picturesque beauty with your own eyes, you have to take a rough and narrow sandy path from the clifftop.



  • Avoid rainy days when you are planning to visit this beach.
  • For visiting more such breathtaking beaches, contact ME-WONDERS. 


5. Luxor in the Eye of a Bird

It may sound surprising, but certainly the most stunning view in this list. Take a ride up in the hot air balloon in the heart of Luxor and you will get to see the real scenic beauty from a considerable height. Reach the spot early in the morning, before the sun gets all the power. Fly up high in the sky, and for sure, it will be your best view not only in Egypt but also in the world.



  • Love yourself a little more floating high up in the air while you leave all your stress below as you move up.
  • Try to spot temples like Luxor and Karnak from a height and also do not forget to capture moments.



Did you just wish the blog to be longer? So did we. And for tons of such mesmerizing views, take your phone and contact ME-WONDERS. We promise you the most stunning views with minimum efforts from your side. We will guide you to explore the best scenic views in Egypt that will be etched in your memory forever. Shake hands with us, as we fly off together to the beautiful land of Egypt!