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Reasons to Visit Alexandria

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Alexandria is one of the hidden gems of Egypt. The glamour of the area has taken a backseat to all time famous Cairo and other sites. But, that does not dim the beauty of the place. Reasons to visit Alexandria are plentiful and most of them are appealing. But here, we will mention those that will definitely impress you. 


Alexandria is ready to welcome you with a red carpet. This unexplored area has been the travel destination of tasteful tourists over the years. And we are damn sure, you fall in that category too! Take a quick look at the rest of the blog, before you plan your itinerary. 


#1. A Stunning City: Foremost reason to visit Alexandria

Alexandria is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, with a sprawling coastline and smooth waves hitting along the banks. Does it sound just like your dream destination? Wake up travelers, it is no more a dream! 


Among all the chaos of Egypt, Alexandria is a peace loving coastline that always has a warm welcome for locals and tourists alike. You will get to enjoy the cool, refreshing waves directly on your face and that feeling cannot be clustered into words!


Visit the beaches of Alexandria during sunrise or sunset, and witness the sun moving up or down the horizon. Moreover, if you spare a few hours sitting on the beach, you will get some magical views like boats pulling to the ports and seagulls flying overhead.


#2. Bibliotheca: Added Reason for Bibliophiles

Alexandria is the home to the largest library in the world; the Bibliotheca. The Bibliotheca was inaugurated in 2002 and in the last ten years, it has turned out to be the largest library in the Middle East. 


You will find books from all flavours of life, and we bet, once you take a dip in this vast library, there is hardly any chance of you coming out. Not only books, you will get the accessibility to activities of literature, culture and artistic activities.


This library has been the heart of Alexandria for centuries before. Then, the Great Fire devastated the entire library and the collection of books. The place was full of knowledgeable vibes for centuries, and you can still visit the ruins if you visit Alexandria.


#3. Citadel of Qaitbay: History topped reason to visit Alexandria

This 15th century fort has been the hot cake among tourists over the last few years. If you turn the pages of history, you will get to see the strong position that the Citadel of Qaitbay held over in Egypt for centuries.


This citadel is located on Pharos Island, the location which is more popularly known for the lighthouse of Alexandria. In the history of enemity between Egyptians and the Turks, the Citadel played a crucial part. 


Although the actual beauty of the place has faded, the remains are also mind blowing to see. You are allowed to climb up to the fourth floor, and from every floor you will get to see the rough waves of the sea beating against the shore.


#4. Street Art: The Exclusive Reason to Visit Alexandria

Take every corner of the street, and your eyes will be stuck to the amazing versions of art painted all over the city walls. If you look more closely, you will see bright and colourful murals that are made of seashells. The local people of Egypt are fabulous artisans!


We would advise you to visit Alexandria quite early in the morning, so that all the mural paintings are not obstructed by cars or crowds of people. So, are you ready to step out on the streets of Alexandria?


#5. Corniche: The prime reason to visit Alexandria

Jump in to visit the liveliest spot of Alexandria, the Corniche. You will get to see beautiful couples gossiping, vendors selling food from roadside stalls, performers dancing to the tune of some unnamed music. 


You will be amazed to walk through the roads of Corniche especially during the evening time, when there is a huge section of local people who gather here for some daily refreshments. The best part about Corniche is that you will never feel that you are out of your shoes. The local people there welcome tourists just like a family welcomes a new member to their home. 


#6. Cafe Culture: An Astounding Reason to visit Alexandria

If you are magnetically attracted towards cafes, small or big, then Alexandria is definitely the place you are going to remember for the rest of your life. Every hook and cook of the city has a beautifully decorated cafe that is all set to welcome guests, both locals and tourists. 


Ponder into the cafe of your choice and try your taste buds in some delicious sandwiches or other local dishes. Apart from food, another reason to visit at least one or two cafes in Alexandria is because of the lively vibes in these cafes. Visit once to experience the feeling!


#7. Boat Ride: The most Beautiful Reason to Visit Alexandria

This is an unnamed attraction that you will hardly see any tourists uptaking. But, this is definitely worth your time. Since there are no regular tourists, you will not find routine boats, but you can surely hire one for you and your family.


This experience is a must if you are visiting Alexandria on a clear sky day. You will get to see the beautiful canopy along the coastline, the city people and everything else while floating on the water of the Red Sea. 



Alexandria has an ocean of reasons to visit, the best ones are described above. Are you ready to pack your bags to visit Alexandria? Well, you concentrate on packing your bag while we complete all your bookings, and arrange your trip. Contact ME-WONDERS at the earliest for some brain blowing discounts!!!