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For Nature and Animal Lovers

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 If you are planning to travel to Jordan, and you are a die heart fan of nature and animals, just like us, then today’s blog is definitely for you. 

Today more and more people are having an escalating interest towards environmental awareness and nature-associated travels. Their love and respect for Mother Nature are unbound and unconditional. Jordan is one such country, where you can quench your thirst for a green and natural trip for all travelers.

In today’s blog, we will tell you the five best places to visit for a true nature lover. We have dug out these places through our years of experience to have a chance to get to know more about nature and animals while traveling to Jordan. So, are you ready to travel to Jordan?

1. Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

The Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is home to many endangered species like Dorcas Gazelles, Arabian Oryx, and so on. It is one of the first established animal reservation projects in Jordan.

The Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is one popular tourist destination among animal and nature lovers. Not only residents, but this reserve also sees the footfall of national and international visitors.

This wildlife reserve is an excellent step to protect animals as well as nature. It houses more than 200 flora species, species of carnivores like hyena and jackal, and even varieties of birds. Many travelers find this reserve exciting and wild to visit again with friends whenever they plan to visit Jordan.

2. Dana Reservation

Being a tourist, we know you are looking beyond the beauty of nature. And Dana Reservation in Jordan is one such beauty! From epic views to archaeological sites, from hiking to watching history come alive, the Dana Reservation is the one-stop solution for all.

The best part about Dana Reservation is that diversity is the key to beauty. There are more than 36 species of reptiles, 40 species of mammals, and different species of cats and caracals. travelers can take a one-day or multi-day trek through a Jordan trail in the Dana Reservation Park.

3. Yarmouk Forest Reserve

Yarmouk Forest Reserve is situated in the northernmost part of the country. The rich flora and fauna bring a layer of serenity to the life of enthusiastic tourists and travelers.

The beauty of the Yarmouk Forest Reserve intensifies during spring. Approximately 30% of birds fly to this forest reserve in spring, making the place a must-visit for bird watchers.

The forest reserve is built in a far-off land, which is generally off the track for regular visitors. and travelers from all around the world. You get to spend some quality time here maintaining harmony with animals, without much crowd around.

4. Azraq Wetland Reserve

 the Azraq Wetland Reserve is located on the extreme eastern side of Jordan. It was established almost five decades ago and covers an area of 12 square kilometers.

This wetland sets the stage for migratory birds, which frame the picture perfect for tourists. After the natural spring dried in late 1992, artificial springs were set up to encourage the inflow of birds.

5. Ajloun Forest Reserve

This is one exclusive forest reserve where you can find rare and unique animals like roe deer, wild boar, red fox, and striped hyena. This forest reserve covers an area of 13 square kilometers.

There you can find quite diversed fauna and flora in the reserve. From the evergreen oak to the unique black iris! Are you ready to visit the Ajloun Forest Reserve in Jordan?


Jordan is not at all only a fancy country, but a land of green nature, flourishing flora, and lively fauna. To enjoy vegan travel, nature and wild experience, and connecting with animals and exploring, then contact ME-WONDERS. Bring your friends and those who share the same love for nature and join us on our travel to Jordan Packages. Happy traveling!