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Things To Know Before Travelling to Jordan

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We know your travel to Jordan is approaching, and keeping all your unanswered queries in mind, today we present this blog from the heart of experts of ME-WONDERS. Our years of experience as a travel guide to Jordan is cumulated in this very blog. Here we have pointed out twelve such facts that should definitely be included in your list of things to know before travelling to Jordan. So, before you start packing your bags, read till the end. We promise to keep this blog short but informative. 


 #1. Jordan is NOT the other name of Summer: First Thing Every Tourist Should Know

Almost everyone out there who has not travelled to Jordan, has this misconception that it is always hot in Jordan. But the truth is Jordan experiences a different range of temperature based on the month of the year you are travelling. If you are travelling between May and September, you will be experiencing the dry and hot weather of Jordan, but if you are coming for a vacation between November and February, then you will be shivering due to the cold.


So, it is high time you ditch the idea of equating Jordan with summer, and carry enough winter garments with you if you are travelling in the winter months. During the above mentioned cold months, temperatures at night often cross 0 degree celsius on the negative side and hence, carry warm jackets with you .


#2. Follow Jordanians Leads in Greetings: An Important Thing To Know Before Travelling to Jordan

Throughout Jordan you may say people shaking hands with each other, hugging or even giving air kisses to both sides of the cheek. But, we would advise you to refrain from such activities with local people. Most people of Jordan belong to the Islamic religion and according to their practices they usually do not touch people who are not directly related to them by blood.


We would advise you not to initiate such greetings from your end. You may simply say Hello or Good Morning and then let them take the next step. If they extend their hands for a hand shake, then you may proceed. But most of the time, they will be placing their right hand over the left shoulder, and that is their way of recognition.


#3. Dress Modestly: A Precautionary Thing You Should Note Before your Trip

Although there is no strict dress code in Jordan, local people will definitely expect you to wear modest dress. By modest dress, we certainly do not want to mean hijab. There is no law in Jordan regarding women wearing hijab.  In Jordan, during your trip, try to avoid shoulder open tops, short pants or skirts. You will not be penalised for wearing such dresses, but the local people may not acknowledge and welcome you to their land. 


When you are visiting places of religious worship, both men and women should wear dresses that cover their shoulders and knees. Keep a delicate collection of dresses in your backpack before you set out for Jordan, so that you always flaunt high on style while being modest at the same time.


#4. Consuming Alcohol is not Prohibited: An Exciting Thing To Know Before Travelling to Jordan

Although Jordan is an Islamic country, you can consume alcohol anywhere in the country without any legal implications. Interesting right? The most popular towns where you can easily buy alcohol are Amman, Aqaba, and some other Christian towns. There are an array of alcohol brands available in Jordan, so just peep in any pub or bar, and you can choose your brand of beer. 


For alcoholics, you must be flying on cloud nine right now with this information! But, let us introduce you to the gloomy side of such exciting news. You should be prepared to pay a lump sum amount of taxes on liquor. Jordan implies a hefty tax on alcoholic drinks. Moreover, during the Ramadan month, it is really difficult to get a liquor outlet open in the city, from where you can buy. 


#5. Jordan is Absolutely Safe: Green Light To See Before Travelling to Jordan

This is one of the common questions in the minds of first time tourists to Jordan. We do heavily assert that Jordan is a very safe country, it is a peace loving country with beauty all around. People of Jordan are more devoted towards their work rather than some destructive activities. So, safety is an important thing to know before travelling to Jordan.


Like every time, we will never ask you to believe our words. We have collected enough statistical information to prove you the facts. The Gallup’s 2017 Law and Order Report, declared that Jordan is the 9th safest country in the world. And on that same list, the USA stands in the 26th rank. So, are you convinced for now? The rest will be evident once you continue your trip to Jordan with ME-WONDERS.


#8. Vegetarians Alert: A Yellow Alert for Vegetarians

People who strictly rely on vegetable dishes, this paragraph is exclusively for you. Being a vegetarian is never a crime in Jordan. But, the problem for vegetarians is that exclusive non meat dishes are extremely rare in the menu of traditional Jordan cuisine. Almost all the dishes have animal products in one way or the other. So, before you set out for an invitation or a meal, do make it a point to mention that you are a vegetarian. 


#9. Deep into the Drinking Water: A Must Know Thing To Know Before Travelling to Jordan

Tap water in Jordan is not at all fit to drink. It is impure, as well as polluted. We do advise the tourists to drink sealed bottled water. Moreover, water borne diseases in Jordan are very common, so, do not forget to carry anti diarrhoea medicines, drugs to control vomiting and constipation. You or your fellow trip mates may require them at any hour of the day.


#10. Taxis are an Affordable Mode of Transport: An useful thing you should know before travelling to Jordan

Jordan runs on the wheels of the all time famous yellow taxi. They are the most affordable way to move from one part of the city to the other. You can travel at your own comfort and privacy without losing a major weight of your pocket.


But, often we have seen in Jordan, that taxi drivers are on the verge of making fools of the tourists. They may demand double or even triple the actual price. So, irrespective of any scenario, we do request foreign tourists to instruct the taxi driver to switch on the meter when you start your ride and at the end, you read out the money displayed on the screen, so that he does not get a chance to fool you.



These are the must know things that a tourist should know before he/she sets foot in Jordan. The facts and information have been encapsulated into a few words. If you have any problem in understanding, you can contact ME-WONDERS at any hour of the clock. We not only organise quality trips to Jordan, but also we cater to even the smallest needs of our travelers. So, are you interested to be a part of our team? Then, just book your vacation slots with us now!