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Pyramids Tour: The Nile River and Pharaoh

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Are you planning to visit the Pyramids sometime in this calendar year? Then, you will spend a few hours visiting the Nile river. But before you visit the Nile River and the Pharaoh as a part of your Seven Wonders trip, let us discuss the history and background of them.


The Nile River has been the mother of Egypt since ages. For tourists visiting Egypt, it is better to have an overview about the river and its history before you set your feet for the Egyptian trip.

History of Nile River around the Pyramids

The Nile river flows over a massive distance of 6,600 kilometres before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. The river has been the source of water for irrigation as well as transportation and trade routes. Since the stone age, people have built their shelters along the banks of the Nile river; this tendency of people speak about the significance of the Nile river in the lives of people.

According to the Greek Historian Herodotus, Egypt was called the Gift of Nile. The Nile river has mothered the Egyptian Civilization with the silt deposition along the banks, rendering fertility to the area. Over the years, Egypt has been the home of wheat cultivation. Trade with surrounding counties was taken to the next level because of the blessing of the Nile river. In recent times, the Nile river has been the source of water for all industrial and agricultural setups in and near Egypt.

History of Pharaoh with respect to the Pyramids

The word Pharaoh is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘great house’. The Pharaohs were the supreme leaders of the land and were considered the kings or rulers. They were the other name for Gods, and were in power to control the political as well as religious leaders. The Pharaohs were buried under customized built pyramids.

Evidence has been found about the presence of statues of Pharaohs throughout Egypt. The famous ones are Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep III, Ramses II, Cleopatra VII.

The Pharaohs wore a crown with the image of Cobra goddess, because it is believed that the Goddess protects them by splitting flames at their enemies. Only the Pharaohs were allowed to wear this crown.


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