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Aswan: Places to Visit

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Aswan has been in the bucket list of tourists for years. It is a small but beautiful place in the far southern corner of Egypt. To get a piece of peace, tourists often prefer Aswan over the busy city of Cairo. Tourism in Aswan has been a once in lifetime experience. The homely air of the city welcomes the tourists with open arms.


Not only you and me, the famous author Agatha Christie also mentioned the place of Aswan in his book, ‘Death on the Nile’. So, if you are already planning to visit Egypt, then keep a day or two aside for visiting Aswan. Read further to know about the best sightseeing areas in Aswan. 

Philae Temple

1 . Philae Temple: The Pride of Aswan

The most important reason to visit Aswan is to see the Philae Temple. It is one of the most well preserved temples in Egypt. The Philae Temple is considered to be the burying place of Egyptian God Osiris and is therefore a prominent place of worship. The Philae Temple was relocated by UNESCO 500 metres away from the original place to an island. There is an amazing light and sound show at the Philae Temple every evening. You can book your slots to see the walls of the temple playing with lights of different colours. 

The Abu Simbel temple

2. Abu Simbel: Unique Architecture of Egyptian Temples

Aswan is popular among the tourists because of the vibrant Abu Simbel. The temples here were constructed almost 3,000 years ago by the then ruling king of Egypt. The Great Temple and the Small Temple were constructed to worship Gods. But over time, people forgot about their existence and the temples were covered with sand. Later in 1813, the temple was re-discovered and from then the temple has witnessed hundreds of footfalls everyday. You should not skip visiting this temple, because the architectural designs are unique from any other temple of Egypt. 

Nubia Museum

3. Nubian Museum: Rewind history of Aswan

Coming next is another must visit place in Aswan, the famous Nubian Museum. This museum is not so famous among tourists, but the place is worth visiting. The Museum unveils the pages of civilization which contributed a lot to Egyptian history. If you are a history lover, then this museum is certainly gonna blow your mind. You will get to know a lot about the Nubian people and their way of life. So, are you keeping Nubian Museum on your Egyptian itinerary?

Elephantine Island

4. Elephantine: Emotions on an island in Aswan

Whether you are visiting Aswan with your family or friends, you will definitely enjoy a round trip to this small island in the middle of the Nile River. There are few sites of architectural significance in the island along with a couple of temples. The fragrance and vibes of tourism in the island will definitely upgrade your mood. 

Botanical Garden

5. Aswan Botanical Gardens: For tree lovers heading to Aswan

If the colour green attracts you like a magnet, and you can befriend trees, then Aswan Botanical Gardens is the perfect place for you. Take a talk through the tall trees and you will smell Egypt like anything. Especially if you are travelling to Egypt in spring, then Botanical Gardens is a must visit place for you. Book your cab beforehand for a round trip to and from the Botanical Gardens.

St. Simeon

6. St. Simeon Monastery: Abode of peace in Aswan

On some lazy evenings, you can take a walk along the flowing Nile river in Aswan. On the west bank of the Nile, you will see a magnificent white building standing upright with an air of beauty and peace. We recommend you to take help of expert guides or local people who can guide you through the hidden beauty of the place. We, at ME-WONDERS, help you to check in all the beautiful places around the monastery.

Temple of Kom Ombo

7. Temple of Kom Ombo: A Rare Sight

Welcome to the double sided temple of Kom Ombo! The right sided temple is dedicated to Sobek, the God of Crocodile while the left side of the temple is dedicated to the God Hathor. There is a small museum nearby where you will find tons of crocodile mummies. In Kom Ombo, you will find a rare instrument called Nilometers. This instrument was used to measure the height of the Nile River. You must be thinking, why did they calculate the height of the Nile River! The ancient Egyptians believed that higher the river height, higher the fertility and thus higher the tax. 


That was all about must visit places in Aswan. If you have not planned your trip, then contact ME-WONDERS for booking your upcoming vacation trip with us. We organize trips at affordable rates for travel junkies of all ages. We have always been standing at the highest of the podium when it comes to quality travelling. Contact us without any further delay! 

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