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Things to do in Cairo

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Welcome on board tourists! This small piece of blog is one of the most up to date and informative posts focussing on tourist activities in Cairo. There are hardly any relevant posts about the same, so we have decided to jot it down for your advantage.


Cairo is a prominent tourist destination in Jordan and your trip itenary to Jordan should invest at least an entire day for sightseeing in Cairo. The natural beauty in this particular area will definitely grab all your praises like a magnet. Let us have a quick look at some of the things you MUST compulsorily do in Cairo to make the trip memorable.

Pyramids Of Egypt

1 . Pyramids: A treat for your eyes in Cairo

“Does this name need extra mention?”, you must be thinking that now. But how can we skip to other things without placing the Pyramids at the top of the podium. Read our other blogs on detailed itinerary to the Pyramids and other related information. Make sure to have a fully charged camera or mobile phone with you. It is nearly impossible to resist yourself from flaunting your social media accounts with lovely images of the pyramids.

The Citadel

2. Citadel: Top of the World

By now you must be already humming the song, “The top of the World”, but those pieces of your dream are soon going to be a reality. Walk up to the top of the Citadel and the view from the topmost point of the Citadel is one of the best views in the entire Egypt. The Citadel is situated on the top of a hill, and it is a place wrapped with history since the 12th century. So, a visit to the Citadel is undoubtedly worth your time.

Muhammad Ali Mosque

3. Muhammad Ali Mosque and Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qala’un Mosque: Picturesque mosque in the heart of Cairo

These two Mosques in Cairo serve much more than offering to the Almighty. The twin minarets here are the chief attractions here. The detailed architecture of the mosque along with the majestic asbestos covered courtyard spread a hue of beauty to the canvas of Cairo. The beautiful lit bulbs are hung from the ceiling and that adds to the aesthetic vibes of the place. Take your time out to visit these mosques.


4. Islamic Cairo: Homogeneous mixture of hustle bustle and chaos

Never heard of it, right? Well, this is one of those places where you can smell Egypt from very close distance. Walk down the narrow, clumsy, dim lighted streets of Islamic Cairo and you will excavate many unknown facts about Egypt. It is such a place where you get lost in the tangled roads and then start following a random cat, still you find your way. And in this game of lost and found, if you feel hungry, feel free to try your hands at a foul sandwich or taameya.

 Hanging Church

5. The Hanging Church: A rare sight

Welcome to the most beautiful hanging church in the heart of Egypt. It is built on the top of the passage of a Roman fortress which is suspended over the ground. Flocks of tourists visit this place every day. Make a note to include the Hanging Church in your to do list for activities in Cairo.

Coptic Cemetery

6. The Coptic Cemetery: One of its type experience

Have you ever visited a cemetery? It really does not matter whether your answer is yes or no. Let us proceed to the all time famous Coptic Cemetery. Do not miss a chance to walk through the cemetery along the narrow mazes between the graves. It is true that there are hardly any gravestones here, but the small chapels are beautifully decorated with hand made statues of different saints and angels. Please be empathetic if you see any grieving family or stance upon an ongoing funeral.

Al-Azhar Park

7. Al Azhar Park: A recess in your trip to Cairo

Cut off from the busy traffic of the city and spend some quality time in the Al Azhar Park. The atmosphere inside the park is pleasing and in no time you will fall in love with the park. Inside the park, you will get to see landscaped parks, water beauties and flower beds. Overall, this park is just an attempt to recreate ancient Islamic gardens. Take a few deep breaths inside the park to get ready for the rest of your trip.


So, that remains a very brief list about the things to do in Cairo. You should always have room for your own exploration as a tourist. Do let us know what are your experiences in Cairo. You can take a trip with ME-WONDERS, the best travel family that conducts tours across different areas of Egypt. And our charges? We charge a reasonable amount and it will certainly not burn a hole in your pocket. Contact us now for stunning deals and discounts.

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