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Vietnam Adventures and Exciting Activities

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The word adventure pops up energy balls in us. Right? And when Vietnam offers you such adventures, it is high time you grab it. Read the blog to know more.

Tourists pooling in Vietnam every year are excited to see the mountains, double excited to see the beaches, and often triple excited to immerse in the culture. But young tourists often overlook the fact that adventure is an absolute excitement that you can enjoy in this beautiful land. To infuse a havoc dose of adrenaline, read through the rest of the blog.

1 . Trekking: Most Popular in Vietnam

For a place like Vietnam which is wrapped in green mountains, trekking is irresistible, right? Ditch the busy cities and towns and move up the high hills as you take a subscription to unlimited fun and excitement.

The most popular trekking paths are around Sa Pa, a mountain in the northern part of Vietnam. You can hire a guide at ME-WONDERS to guide you through the path as well as act as a translator to enable easy communication with local people. For experienced trekkers, Fansipan, the tallest peak in Vietnam will be an excellent idea. But you need to spend three days for a single trek and we assure you the experience is worth the time.

Trekkers, are you ready to pack your bags and hold our hands as we move up the rough and patchy hills? Book your trip with ME-WONDERS now, slots are getting filled up soon!

2. Diving: Vietnam with its long coastline

The view from underneath the seas is as beautiful as from over the mountains. Vietnam extends an open arm to the tourists for an extraordinary diving experience. Although Vietnam has a long coastline, this thrilling diving activity is still taking baby steps.

The top diving areas of Vietnam involve Black Island and Madonna Rock. You will certainly be amazed to see color-sprinkled corals and a broad array of marine life below the marine life. So, confirm your booking with ME-WONDERS for a memorable diving experience.

3. Rock Climbing: Excitement at its peak

The list of adventures remains incomplete till we do not include rock climbing in the list. Remember to wear fully covered, comfortable shoes as your shoes are going to have a tough time keeping up with your expectations.

With the rise of tourism in Vietnam, the activity of rock climbing has taken one step ahead. But, these rock climbing areas are perfect for amateur and aspiring rock climbers.

Are you thinking about which places to hit for rock climbing in Vietnam? Push your worries aside as we will be suggesting some best places for that. The best places are Cat Ba Island, Halong Bay, and Da Lat in Vietnam. And if you are an experienced climber then the Marble Mountains is definitely your cup of tea.

4. Canyoning: All guts you need in Vietnam

Step your feet into the most adventurous sport of all time. You may need to combine your experienced skills in trekking, diving, rock climbing, scrambling through rough patches, and a lot more to enjoy the entire thrilling experience of canyoning.

5. Motorbike Adventures: Eh, heard about it ever?

It may sound infamous to the entire world but for Vietnam, adventures on a motorbike are a must before you leave the place. Hire a motorbike and cruise from north to south of Vietnam. However, this journey will certainly last for a few weeks to a few months, so you should have ample time in hand.

While traveling on motorbikes, you can ponder nearby beaches or national parks on your way and click some great pictures on the way. Keep in mind the weather conditions, as the weather may not be favorable for an adventurous bike trip.


6. Snorkelling

Did you think we almost skipped snorkeling? Well, we cannot really skip that. The long coastline of Vietnam contributes to the quality experiences for tourists in snorkeling. Once you overcome the fear, the fun is all yours!

The must-mention snorkeling sites in Vietnam are Hoi An, Nha Trang, Son Tra Peninsula, Ha Long Bay, Phu Quoc Pearl Island, and Con Dao Islands. Hold our hand, and we assure you of a quality snorkeling experience.


It is time to bring down your level of adrenaline as we reach the end of the blog. So, reduce your excitement for the time being, as the tickets for Vietnam are filling really fast. Contact ME-WONDERS and choose your package now. So, visitors, see you in Vietnam on your next vacation! Happy Traveling!