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Must Visit Places in Egypt

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Are you confused about which places to hit during your Egypt trip? Well, then you landed up in the perfect place. This blog points out seven must visit places in the heart of Egypt that you dare not miss during your trip. These sites are breathtakingly beautiful and you will undoubtedly remember them till your last breath.


The seven places jotted down below are all popular tourist destinations and must visit for you all. They are perfect for family and friends trips alike. Keep all your work aside, and keep reading the rest of the blog.

Great Sphinx of Giza

1. The Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza; the must visit wonder of the world

Do you know who is the guardian of the Giza plateau? Well, the answer is a statue called Sphinx which has the head of a human and body of a lion. It is the incarnation of a mythical creature and the statue is constructed of stones. The stone cutting of the Sphinx is certainly going to impress you.

Next coming to the Pyramids of Giza, these pyramids are one of the wonders of the world for their scenic beauty. Click to the beauty of the area during sunrise and sunset for an eye soothing view. A fun fact is that the Pyramids are the only wonder of the world that is not overcrowded by tourists throughout. 


2. Aswan; the must visit place for nature lovers

Take a break from the city chaos for a while and spend some quality time in Aswan. The entire place is wrapped in natural beauty. Slow down your pace for a while and you are certainly going to be impressed by small steps of beauty. Keep focus on the Nile River cruise, that is going to give you the real beauty of Aswan. Although the weather here is hot and dry, the beauty of the place will compensate for that. Are you already picturising the area in your head?

Abu Simbel

3. Abu Simbel; must visit fascinating architectural site

The gorgeous temple is carved out from mountains. Sounds interesting, right? Then another interesting fact awaits you in this temple. It was relocated from the original place to the current location. You can still see signs of relocation along the path. The statues inside the temple are life-like and you will not be able to turn your eyes away from them. Beat the temperature of 50 degree Celsius in summer and travel 6 kilometres from Aswan to see this real standing beauty.

Edfu Temple

4. Edfu Temple; from the page of History

Welcome to the second largest temple in Egypt. Apart from the gigantic size of the temple, it is also known for being the most preserved temple in Egypt. The incarnations and carvings on the walls are vivid and clear. You can get a thorough revision of Egypt history as you take a stroll around the temple. This temple was recently excavated from under a thick layer of sand, thus it is still not very popular among tourists.


5. Luxor

This place is definitely on your Egypt tourism itinerary. And guess why Luxor is a must visit place for people of all ages? We will tell you the answer. The safari on a hot air balloon is incredible and it is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime feeling. Float up in the air and see the beautiful country of Egypt underneath you. Also, Luxor is the home to the Valley of Kings, the site of tombs of Egyptian rulers. Pay a few extra bucks for photography and you will bring home wonderful memories from Luxor. 

Karnak Temple

6. Karnak Temple; a must visit temple

Do you know which is the largest and the tallest temple in Egypt? Yes, you guessed it right! Karnak Temple in East Luxor is the correct answer. This 100 hectares covering temple is bigger than any ordinary township in Egypt. There are 134 tall columns inside the temple which will grab all your attention! There is a sacred lake area, let the significance of it be a suspense till you reach there.


7. Hurghada; must visit snorkeling site

If you are a beach junkie, then Hurghada is definitely the place for you. The beautiful scenic beauty of the majestic Red Sea will certainly impress you. This area offers the best diving sites, areas for snorkeling, scuba diving and other aqua adventures all in one place. Imagine jumping into the crystal clear water of the Red Sea on a hot summer day. The place has restaurants, bars and pubs meant for family and friends.


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