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Souvenirs: What to buy in Vietnam?

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Vietnam is the paradise of shopping stoppers. And once you visit Vietnam, you cannot return empty-handed. We know it feels to take a flight full of goods back to your homeland from the lands of tourists. However, your wallet must be shedding tears whenever such a shopping craze arouses in your brain. So, here goes a tough war between your heart and an unlimited number of unique souvenirs. Who do you really want to win finally?


Well, we will settle all that in this blog. Hold your patience and relax your rapidly beating heart while we bring a solution to your self-conflict. Yes, you heard it correctly. Here, we will list some unique and cost-effective souvenirs that you can buy from Vietnam for yourself as well as for your loved ones.


Shoppie stoppers are already confused about the size of bag they need to carry to bring back the souvenirs from Vietnam. We will give a collection of unique souvenirs in our today’s blog.


#1. Paintings: The most reasonable souvenir 

A perfect souvenir for you that you can bring back from Vietnam. This is not just a piece of memory but a vivid picture of your dream destination. There are multiple shops along the streets that sell paintings by anonymous as well as famous artists. Most of these paintings portray Vietnam without any exaggerated makeover. The painting may just be of a busy street or a local marketplace. A live picture of Vietnam in your bedroom will look stunning!


#2. Embroidery Art forms: The most popular souvenir 

Vietnam is famous for its excellence in embroidery. You will get a variety of souvenirs that comes with the delicate art of embroidery. From your toothless grandfather to your younger sister, embroidery gift is certain to bring a smile across everyone’s face. You can buy embroidery gifts like apparel or even home decor items. We will give some quick embroidery souvenir ideas, like bed sheets, scarves, wall hangings, purses, pillow covers, etc. 


#3. Conical Hat: Never miss a souvenir

Once you get seated on your flight for travelling back to your homeland, the first thing that you are going to miss is people walking and roaming around with conical hats on their heads. These conical hats have been the emblem of Vietnam’s rice culture and are the perfect souvenir that you can bring into your homeland. This is traditionally made with palm leaves, and comes in different styles and sizes too. And the best part about these souvenirs is that you need not hunt for buying these. They are readily available in any souvenir shop, no matter how small the shop is.


#4. Ceramic Pottery

If you just thought that you will skip the rest of the blog, then here we bring one exclusive souvenir idea for you. If you want to carry back a traditional souvenir, then ceramic pottery is the one for. They come in different shapes like vases, mugs, plates, or even cutlery. They are painted with beautiful colors and shapes, a beautiful blend of different patterns, and a lot more. But make sure to carry them with utter delicacy, otherwise, you may open your backpack to see the pieces of ceramic pottery 


#5. Lanterns: The most unique souvenir

We promised you to give some unique ideas for souvenirs that you can bring home from Vietnam. And here goes the most unique one! If you have visited Hoi An, you must have seen numerous colorful lanterns hanging all over the place. The best part about these lanterns is that they are made of paper and are nature friendly. Moreover, these pieces of souvenirs are foldable and can be easily carried in your backpack.



A trip is more a memory than a just vacation. And to keep the memory live and burning in the pages of your timeline, we advise you to bring back some unique souvenirs on completion of your trip. We have prepared this list in such a way that the souvenirs cater not only to you but also to your friends and family. Before you start thanking us, we do want to give you a gentle reminder that this blog is just the beginning. Once you start to travel with ME- WONDERS, there will be no looking back. We are a family of travelers who love to help and guide people across Nations and then jot down our experiences to make things easier for all tourists. And if you want more of such crispy information, then give a real quick click to the blog section of our website.