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Egyptian Tourist Visa: Step by Step Guide

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Egypt is a country of history, culture, and nature-kissed beauty. Many travelers in the last few decades have visited Egypt due to its attractive sites, weather, and history. To many Tourists, tourism and traveling are the main constant source of refreshment and entertainment. If you have already decided to visit Egypt once as a tourist, then you must apply for an Egyptian tourist visa. 

To apply for an Egyptian tourist visa, you must tick all the checkboxes of eligibility and be able to produce the required documents. Let us have a quick tour regarding all that you need to know to get your Visa application completed.


Supporting Documents for Visa Application

Prepare a checklist of all required documents in order to get an Egyptian Tourist Visa,  so that you do not forget to submit them at the last moment. 

  • A completed visa application form (online)- Check the official website to fill up the application form online.
  • 2 photographs measuring 2×2: prepare recent photographs with white background.
  • A valid Passport- with a validity of at least six months from the date of travel.
  • Statement of Account from Bank
  • Certificate of Employment or Certificate of Registration, if you are an entrepreneur or running your own business. 
  • Planned itinerary of your trip (this may change later)
  • If you are traveling with family, then a marriage certificate, birth certificate, or pedigree certificate is compulsory in order to show relativity and relationship to whom you travel. 


For businesses people/ entrepreneurs/ nomads/ self employed people:

You need to support the document of Business registration for the present year and the previous year. Along with that, you have to submit documents of income tax returns for the last year.


For students:

You have to submit an approved leave letter from school along with the Enrollment Certificate of the child in school. Apart from school documents, you need to submit an affidavit of support on behalf of parents, stating the allowance of the parents for an Egyptian Tourist Visa.


For minors:

For people accompanying minors, you shall consider bringing a birth certificate of the minor as it is compulsory. Moreover, both parents shall sign the application form of the child. However,  In the case of single-parent custody,  then the court order has to be duly attached to the application form.


Processing time for Egyptian Tourist Visa

The time depends mostly on the month of the year you are applying. During the holiday months, it takes longer than usual for your visa application to be approved. But, the approximate time for approving the visa is one month from the date of application. To be on the safer side, submit your visa application form at least 3 months before your date of travel.


Egyptian Tourist Visa Fees

In Egypt, the traveler pays the Visa charges once it has been approved by the Egyptian embassy. Unlike other countries,  where you have to pay charges while submitting the application. It is important to consider that, you need to pay 29 dollars for each visa application, only after it is approved.


Validity of Egyptian Tourist Visa Application

Depending on the type of application, the visa remains valid for 30 days to 180 days. You have to complete your tour within the validity period. 

So, that is all that you need to know before you apply for an Egyptian Tourist Visa. If you have any more queries related to visa application and approval, you can drop that in the comment section. And, if you are still planning to visit Egypt, then without wasting time, contact ME-WONDERS. We offer trips to Egypt at eye-opening prices. Contact us, to get your slots booked now!