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Thailand: Some facts to know

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Did you make up your mind to visit Thailand? Then, this blog is definitely for you. We have some hot facts, from the oven of Thailand exclusively for you. Once you miss this latest information, you are certainly going to miss a major section of experience in Thailand. Who knows, you may land up behind the bars for some heinous crime that you did not consider to be a crime? Sounds strange? It won’t once you take a quick look at these must-know facts about Thailand.


Hey, we just peeped into your living room and heard you are planning a trip to Thailand. We jotted this blog for you, give it a quick read so that you don’t miss out on a quality travel experience. 


#1. Health Check: Primary concern 

  • If you think that COVID-19 is a part of history books now, then we are not so sorry to tell you that this is not the case in Thailand. There are restrictions imposed at different points of Thailand, related to COVID and the associated limitations. 
  • You are not at all allowed to buy medicines from Thai pharmacies without written advice from the doctor. 
  • Diseases like chikungunya, filariasis, dengue, and Japanese Encephalitis are quite common in Thailand. Save your way from these vectors.
  • There is a high chance of animals carrying rabies. So refrain from feeding animals in public places.
  • Pollution is high, and the adverse effects of pollution on health is quite known to all of you. 


#2. Laws that Bind You in Thailand 

  • Laws are severely tight in Thailand. So, keep a check on your tongue and actions.
  • Drug offences are prohibited, and you may get even the death penalty for that.
  • Unlike many countries which levy restrictions on the punishment of children, Thailand gives an equal duration of punishment to everyone including children below 18 years. 
  • If murder or rape is considered an adventure for you, then be ready for wearing bright metal handcuffs. The police people will not spare without the death penalty. Still, sounds adventurous?


#3. Travelling in Thailand

At the end of the day, you are visiting Thailand for tours and travels. So, don’t you like to take a quick look at some travel facts? Well, we have jotted the most important one for you.

  • Insurance coverage for COVID-19 is no longer compulsory. But, we do recommend you to opt for one, as the transmission of COVID-19 is still very common.
  • A valid vaccination certificate or a recent COVID-19 test report (done within 72 hours) where you have tested negative.
  • Be ready for some public transport travel. There lies the excitement of the Thailand trip. 
  • You can certainly go for a bike ride in Thailand, but keep an eye on accidents or mishaps. They are very common in Thailand. 


#4. Climate in Thailand 

Thailand experiences some of adverse climatic conditions. Be ready to face 

  • Storms
  • Tsunami 
  • Floods
  • And a lot more…. 


We do advise you to check weather reports thoroughly before your trip to Thailand. This will give you an insight into the geographical conditions of the land. And you can plan your trip accordingly.


#5. Emergency Contacts

This is quite secret information, but we won’t mind sharing this with our readers. Bookmark this blog, otherwise, you may go hunting for contacts in times of emergency.


  • A fire breakout? Make a call to 199.
  • Want to call an ambulance? A quick call to 1724 will help you with that.
  • Need urgent police help? 191 on your phone’s keypad will help you with that.
  • Thailand is too generous to have a different number of tourist police. Take a quick note of the number 1155. 



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